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Due to the weakness of the £ we've had to increase our prices of Westco batteries in the chart below by 10%


The Westco MK sealed AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries are designed specifically for motorcycle use, incorporating robust construction and high cold cranking Amps (CCA) to ensure excellent starting particularly in cold conditions. Once fully charged they can be left for long periods without discharging or needing recharging.

These are not to be confused with ordinary 'Gel batteries' which have to be charged as often as ordinary lead acid batteries.



They are supplied fully charged so no further charging before use is required or desirable.

All the Westco batteries below are direct replacements for the batteries listed having the same dimensions, terminals etc.

Depending on the battery type some WestCo batteries are labelled SVR or WCP


There are direct replacements listed below for ordinary gel & sealed lead acid batteries, but not for most 'wet' lead acid batteries.


Add £9.95 P&P unless otherwise stated. Orders over £100.00 £11.95
If you want tracking info. give me your E mail address with the order
IOW is £15.95, IOM is £29.95, Northern Ireland £29.95 Inverness & some other Scottish addresses £18.95, Scottish & Channel islands ring for quote.

Dimensions are length x width x height

Our Pt. no. To replace AH CCA Dimensions Price
12VX4L-B YT4L-BS 4 45 114 X 71 X 85 £45.65
12VX5L-B YTX5L-BS 5 70 114 X 71 X 106 £49.50
12V7ABS YTX7ABS 7 90 150 X 92 X 93 £56.85
12V7B-B YT7B-BS 7 85 150 X 66 X 96 £56.45
12V7L-B** YTX7L-BS 7 85 114 X 71 X 131 £57.95
12VZ7S**** YTZ7S 7 130 110 X 68 X 110


12V9B-4 YT9B-4 8 115 152 X 69 X 104


12V9-B YTX9-BS 9 120 152 X 87 X 106 £64.00
12VZ10S YTZ10S 9 190 150 X 85 X 90 £80.50
12V12A-BS YT12A-ABS/YT12S 10 175 150 X 85 X 105 £88.00
12V12B-4 YT12B-BS(4) 10 125 152 X 69 X 130 £76.30
12V12-B YTX12-BS 12 180 152 X 87 X 130 £77.60
12V13L YTX15L-BS 13 275 174 X 82 X 133


12V14-A2 YT14A-2,YB14B2,YTX14AH-BS 14 210 133 X 86 X 168 £90.20
12V14B-4 YT14B-4 12 135 154 X 69 X 146 £78.80
12V14-B YTX14-BS 14 200 152 X 87 X 146 £94.04
12V14L-B***** YTX14AHL-BS, YB14LA2 12 190 135 X 89X 166 £98.50
12V14R-B YTX14L-BS 14 200 150 X 88 X 146 £83.25
12V16-B YTX16-BS1 14 230 152 X 87 X 162 £100.50
12V16-A2 * YTX16-BS 16 230 150 X 87 X 161 £109.50
12V16CLB YTX20HL-PW / YB16CL-B 19 260 174 X 101X X174 £110.50
12V20L YTX20HL / YTX20L-BS 18 300 174 X 87 X 155 £110.50
12V20P BMW19A.H / 51913,51814 20 275 178 X 76 X 165 £110.50
12V22 YTX24HL / Y50-N18L-A/A3 22 350 206 X 90 X 162 £110.50
12VX30LB YIX30L-BS 30 385 166 X 127 X 174 £123.95
12V30 BMW25.A.H / 53030 30 350 165 X 124 X 174 £133.95
The WCP batteries are as supplied to Harley Davidson. They are not black, nor labelled HD but are the same specification as Harley batteries and made in the USA, hence the slightly higher price.
WCP9 YTK9-BS 9 120 150 X 88 X 106 £115.00
WCP12 YTX12-BS 12 180 152 X 87 X 130 £106.00
WCP14 YTX14-BS / CUSTOM 14 250 147 X 84 X 149 £121.95
WCP14L YTX14L-BS 12 220 150 x 88 x 145 £120.05
WCP15L***** YB14LA2 / YTX14AHL 14 190 135 X 89 X 166 £103.95
WCP18 YTX24HL / Y50N18L-A 22 350 206 X 87 X 162 £139.95
WCP20 YB16-B 18 300 175 X 102 X 156 £128.50
WCP20L YTX20L-BS / YTX20HL-BS 18 300 175 X 87 X 156 £148.90
WCP30 YIX30L, YB30L-B 30 370 166 X 127 X 174 £145.25
SVR48   70 760 278 X 175 X 190 £301.00
SVR49   95 850 354 X 175 X 190 £440.00
SVR34/78DT   55 860 273 X 175 X 203 £275.00

* Fits Commando 850 Mk III ** Fits A7/A10 **** Fits Slimline Featherbeds *****(AKA SVR15)Fits Norton Interpol 2

Our carriers insist on a telephone number for the batteries above, please include yours with your order

If you want tracking info. give me your E mail address with the order

AGM Battery instructions



These use the same advanced AGM technology as the batteries above but are intended for use with 12V non-electric start bikes

They have a 5AH capacity

They are 90 x 70 x 106MM & fit inside the rubber battery boxes.(3 1/2" x 2 3/4" x 4 1/4" App.)

Terminal connectors are supplied

£35.95 + £9.95 P&P Pt. no. ES5-12

With the Lucas battery box £65.00 + £9.95 P&P BATCAS5-12



These use the same advanced AGM technology as the 12V batteries above but are intended for use with 6V non-electric start bikes

They have a large 13AH capacity

They are 107 x 70 x 139MM & are a snug fit inside the rubber battery boxes.

(4 1/8" x 2 3/4" x 5 1/2" app.)

Terminal connectors are supplied

£56.95 + £9.95 P&P Pt. no. ES13-6


They have been designed to be a snug fit inside the new hard rubber battery case giving the maximum storage capacity. BATCAS13-6

AGM Battery instructions

With the Lucas battery box, see below £74.90 + £9.95 P&P

I cannot ship batteries outside the UK

For bikes with a 6V alternator, a Regulator/Rectifier must be fitted in place of the existing rectifier to prevent overcharging and damage. An original or modern Voltage regulator on a dynamo equipped bike will be OK.

Pt no. AREG6 £34.95 see Motorcycles Electrics


What exactly is an AGM battery?

An AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery is a lead acid battery that is sealed using special pressure valves and is completely maintenance-free. The electrolyte is absorbed in separators consisting of a sponge like mass of matted glass fibres which uses a recombination reaction to prevent the escape of hydrogen and oxygen gases normally lost in a liquid lead-acid battery. They are non-spillable, and therefore can be operated in virtually any position. However, upside-down installation is not recommended. Once fully charged they can be left for long periods without discharging or needing recharging.

If the bike is not to be ridden for months, it is recommended that the fuse is removed. (You do have a fuse don't you)? Some Voltage regulators have a slight discharge to earth which can lower the battery Voltage to damaging levels over several months.

They have a very high discharge current ability ensuring excellant cold starting characteristics, where applicable. AGM Battery instructions.





Be aware: These are also used in fire alarms which have to be changed every two years. If you see Cyclons for sale cheaply they may be over 2 years old.



These lead/acid batteries are totally sealed and hold the acid in gel form soaked into matting making them totally leak proof and able to be mounted in any position.

Each battery is 6V . Two batteries can be connected to provide 6V or 12V, instructions are supplied.

Full Cyclon instructions

These batteries are designed for long term use and can easily last 8/10 years, and they can be left for long periods without charging.
Each battery measures 136 x 51x 75MM so 2 can be fitted inside the battery case below or mounted in place of a std. battery. They are not suitable for bikes with electric starts. (5 1/4" x 2" x 3") App.
Two batteries connected in paralell for 6V have a capacity of 10AH, in series for 12V 5AH, and are suitable for use with dynamo equipped bikes fitted with a solid state Voltage regulator. Alternator bikes need a Zener diode or preferably a solid state Voltage regulator in 6V or 12V
Cyclon cells are supplied charged, no further charging before use is required or desirable. Full Cyclon instructions

One Cyclon cell costs £29.95 + £6.50 P&P BATCYC

Two Cyclon cells costs £59.90 + £9.95 P&P

Battery case with one cell BATCYC01 With the Lucas battery box £54.90 + £10.95 P&P

Battery case with two cells BATCYC02 With the Lucas battery box £84.95 + £10.95

Full Cyclon instructions

Burlen batteries sell these with their own label, otherwise identical.
I cannot ship Cyclon cells outside the UK



We now stock a larger capacity 8AH Cyclon battery. These are the same width & length as the 5AH but are taller at 136 x 51 x 100 MM high. ( 5 1/4" x 2" x 4" ) app.

One can be fitted into the dummy battery case

These cost £37.95 + £9.95 P&P Pt. No. BATCYC08

Plain battery case with one 8AH cell with the Lucas battery box BATCASCYC08 £66.90 + £9.95 P&P




Genuine Lucas battery case

Lucas embossed on the side

4 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 6 3/8" (114 x 89 x 162MM) and can be used with a smaller 6V battery. Inside dimensions are 107 x 70 x 150MM high

This can be used with 2 x 5AH Cyclons,1 x 8AH Cyclon, 12V 5AH Westco BATES5-12,the Westco BATES13-6 above or 1 or 2 Lucas batteries.

BB14077 £28.95


Genuine Lucas battery case

Lucas embossed on the side

Bantams etc.

3 5/8" x 3 5/8" x 5 1/2" (92 x 92 x 140MM)

This will take 1 x 5AH Cyclon or 1 Lucas 4AH battery

BB14073 £26.95





Fully automatic battery charger. Can be switched between 6V & 12V

Suits all types of motorcycle battery

Auto-stop prevents overcharging

Maximum charge 1.0A, ideal for motorcycle batteries

Comes with extra eyeletted leads and quick release plug/socket for easy connection BCH012 £24.95



Spare leads for Optimate/Accumate chargers & BCH012. BCH0N03 £3.95




Fitting a fuse is always a good idea, and as AGM batteries have a high discharge current capability, in the event of a dead short without a fuse your harness could become a red hot dripping mess very quickly.

This waterproof fuseholder takes std. car type fuses, so even your local Halfords should have them FUBH04 £2.95 with a 30A fuse, spare fuses 25P



Post me a cheque with the type of battery required and your name and address and the battery will be despatched the same day the cheque arrives.

P.R.Goff, 49 Chequers Lane, Prestwood, Bucks. HP16 9DR

Our carriers insist on a telephone number, please include your daytime number with your order

I can take Debit/Credit cards over the phone, preferably Debit - the banks don't charge as much.

You can also order using a card by using Paypal

Go to the Paypal website ( Pay, put what you want in the message section. As soon as I receive notification I'll post the order.

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If you have any questions, please 'phone:

01494 868218 or E mail me Goffy


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