AGM Battery instructions



When connecting the battery to the motorcycle make sure that the ignition is switched off.

Ensure that the battery connections are tight and that there is a fuse in the 'live' side.

The battery comes charged; it is not necessary or desirable to charge further before use. After the bike has been started & ridden several times the battery will reach its full performance.

Use only an automatic maintenance charger, Optimate, Bike Tek Pro, or similar. Or a battery charger intended for motorcycle use with a low rate of charge, 300mA or similar, but be careful not to overcharge

When charging, only switch on the battery charger after connecting to the battery.

It is recommended to charge the battery briefly every few months, although the battery will retain most of its charge over long periods.

If the bike is fitted with an alarm then a maintenance charger will have to be permanently connected whenever the bike is not used for longer than a few days. If leaving the bike for long periods it is recommended that the fuse is removed. This prevents any discharge through the regulator.

The battery has to be fully charged before storing or leaving on the bike unused.

If the battery is discharged, for example by continually turning a bike over that won't start, then recharging immediately is essential

Over discharging by leaving the lights or ignition on may cause damage & will invalidate the warranty




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