Motorcycle Accessories

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Dummy battery box


A Lucas version of the dummy battery box above, embossed Lucas

Inside dimensions are 105 x 78 x 153MM BB14077 £24.95


Genuine Lucas battery case

As above but smaller Lucas battery case, embossed Lucas

Bantams etc.

3 5/8" x 3 5/8" x 5 1/2" (92 x 92 x 140MM)

This will take 1 x 5AH Cyclon cell

BB14073 £21.95





Tax disc holder


This is a copy of the 1960/70s Stadium tax disc holder but in Stainless Steel


The glass and tax disc is sealed inside a flexible plastic sheath making it completely waterproof. AC85053

Rear / side reflectors

Amber side reflector 2" diameter with the reflector measuring 11/2"

With black rubber backing & rear mounted screw fixing AC19103



Red reflector 2" diameter with the reflector measuring 11/2"

Rear mounted 5MM stud/nut fixing. AC19102P




Numberplate £16.95

Here we have a polished Stainless Steel rear numberplate. It is just big enough for six of the correct size numbers/letters. It incorporates a mounting for the Wipac S446 rearlight. It can also be used as a mount for a larger numberplate. NP1 £7.50 With Rearlight NPRL £24.45


Battery Chargers


Fully automatic battery charger. Can be switched between 6V & 12V

Suits all types of battery

Auto-stop prevents overcharging

Comes with extra eyeletted leads and quick release plug/socket for easy connection BCH012 £19.95 + £3.95 P&P OUT OF STOCK




Spare leads for Optimate/Accumate chargers & BCH012. BCH0N03 £3.95



Bar End Mirrors

Copy of the traditional round Halcyon bar end mirror.

All polished stainless steel

Can be fitted to either end of 7/8" handlebars M85039R £44.95



Now also available in rectangular

All polished stainless steel M85039 also £44.95


Halcyon Bar End St./St. Mirrors


These are the real thing, Halcyon St./ end mirrors.

They look similar to the cheaper pattern versions Have a black mirror surround, Made in England cast into the stem, & a generally 'classier' feel M85037



As above, also available in 'rectangular' M85038




New smaller rectangular mirror, chrome AC85034





Copy of the adjustable Halcyon mirror, can be fitted to either end of 7/8" handlebars

Available in black MIR650 black or MIR651 chrome


Universal pillion footrests


Swinging arm pillion footrests (pr.)

Similar to Swinging arm A7/A10

These have a long 3/8" dia. mounting so can be used on many other models A10/70004




Cable ties

Chrome handlebar clip. Holds the cables neatly against the bars

For std. 7/8" bars CL83099

£2.95 ea.

Traditional black rubber type cable ties. Made from synthetic rubber, these don't perish like the originals and give a bit of class to an older bike.

4.0" long, will wrap around frame tubes

0.50p each AC81603

Oil / petrol hose & fittings

Filters for 1/4" (6MM) petrol hose approx. 1" dia. FFTCL £2.95 each

Plated brass ferrules for 1/4" bore 'rubber' petrol line. These can be crimped if you have the proper tool, but when used with the black 'rubber' hose below give a good seal when simply pushed on.

13MM I.D.

Pt. no. PT73021

1.00P ea

Available in 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" bore, this hose is suitable for petrol or hot engine oil at up to 16.5 bar. Sold in 1.0 Metre lengths. Proof against Ethanol.

1/4" £4.50

5/16" OILH516 £5.50

3/8" OILH038 Not suitable for petrol £6.50

St./St. Jubilee type hose clips in sizes to suit

1/4" jubilee type clips to suit OILJUB014 £1.00 ea.

5/16" jubilee type clips to suit OILJUB516 £1.00 ea.

3/8" jubilee type clips to suit OILJUB038 £1.00 ea

St./St 'O' clips in sizes to suit. These can be crimped with the proper tool, in the vice or using a pair of cutters.

1/4" O clips £1.00 ea.

5/16" O clips £1.00 ea

3/8" O clips £1.00 ea


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