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These gearboxes are a new product and have been carefully developed to exceed the OEM specifications for increased longevity. Not to be confused with earlier, poor quality versions.

When first introduced these gearboxes had an incorrect cable fitting, these were withdrawn & re-made. Now they are top quality.



To fit BSA A65S/T,1967-70. Norton Commando 750/850 1969-74.

Also Slimline models fitted with Magnetic type speedo's after 1966.

Centre hole size : 11/16" Ratio 15:12 (1.25:1)

Smith's No : BG5330/171

Pt.no. S26078



To fit BSA Rocket 3 1971-72. Triumph T120 1971-72, T140 1973-79, T150/160 1973-78.

For models fitted with Magnetic type speedo's after 1966.

Centre Hole size : 5/8"

Ratio 15:12 (1.25:1)

Smith's No : BG5330/164




To fit BSA A75 Rocket 3 (1967-70) Triumph T120/TR6R (1966-70), T150 (1968-70).

For models fitted with Magnetic type speedo's after 1966.

Centre hole size : 3/4"

Ratio 15:12 (1.25:1)

Smith's No : BG5330/168




To fit AJS/Matchless heavyweight twins & singles (hole may require reaming). BSA C15/B25/B44, all years. Triumph 3TA/5TA, T100 1964-67, T120/TR6 1964-66, Norton Dominator & ES2

For models fitted with Chronometric type speedo's pre 1966.

Centre Hole size : 3/4"

Ratio 2:1

Smith's No : BG5330/287




Speedos are 1.25:1 and rev counter 4.0:1


Replica grey faced speedo 15:12 (1.25:1)

Triumph BSA 1966 - 70 £74.95

Pt. no. SP26675

KPH Models Pt.no. SP26675K


Replica black faced speedo 15:12 (1.25:1)

Triumph 1970 - 78 BSA 70 -72 £74.95

Pt. no. SP26676

KPH Models Pt. no. SP26676K


Replica grey faced tacho 4:1

Triumph 1966 - 70 £74.95 Pt. no. SP26677

NEW A65 3:1 Pt.no. SP26681 £74.95


Replica black faced tacho 4:1

Triumph 1970 -78 £74.95 Pt. no. SP26678

NEW A65 3:1 Pt.no. SP26680 £74.95


All these instruments are slightly deeper than the Smiths clocks so won't fit inside the A65 rubber binnacle. They do fit the T120/140 binnacle. From the underside of the chrome rim to the base is 45MM (1 3/4"). The diameter of the body is 80MM (3 1/8") the diameter of the rim is 87MM (3 7/16")

This the same size, or slightly shallower than the Veglia T140 instruments.



Veglia style Triumph/BSA RPM Pt.no. SP26663

Commando Mk3 SP26678

OEM no. 60 7223 74.95


Veglia style Triumph/BSA MPH Pt.no. SP26664

OEM no. 60 7222 £74.95


Veglia style Triumph/BSA KPH Pt.no. SP26664K

OEM no. 60 7222K 74.95




Ratio Model OEM Pt.no. Our Pt.no. Price
1:1 Gold Star 65-9164 SP82239 £164.95
2:1 650/SS/Atlas BG1508/06 SP82238 £164.95
2:1 Tri. 350/500 unit 71-4138 SP27701 £39.90


Tri T120/TR6 70-5756 SP27195 £39.90
2:1 Tri T140/TR7 71-2475 SP27539 £39.90

Gold star drive shown, others differ in appearance

I only have what's shown, I have no other types are available



Speedo/rev counter mounts

Rubber binnacle for Triumph T120/140

Pt.no. SP26071


Mounting bracket for Triumph BSA early OIF

Pt. no. SP26209


LED speedo bulbs


6V/12V Negative earth or Positive earth, state which.

Very bright, makes chronometrics readable at night

From the pins to the top of the lens 22MM. 11.4MM dia.

Also suitable for pilot bulbs that pass thgrough a grommet in the reflector

They consume only 1.5W

Pt.no. LDBA9SW £4.00 each


Pt.no. With holder LDT10DWH £6.50

Versions to suit 6V or 12V please state which.

The dia. at the groove is 14MM, o/all OD 20MM

Also accept capless LEDs


Brighter LED Wedge (capless) speedo bulb

It can be supplied with a rubber holder to fit into 14 - 16MM dia. holes in the reflector though can be adapted for many other locations.

They consume only 1.5W

Pt.no. Without holder LDT10DW £4.00

Versions to suit 6V or 12V please state which.




BA9s Bulbholder for chronometric speedos 11.95

Pt.no. SP13119


BA9s Bulbholder for magnetic speedos 5.95



BA9s Bulbholder. They fit a14-16MM hole and suit the std. & pattern Lucas headlights.

BA9s Pt.no.HL13121 £2.50

T10 capless bulbholder used on some pattern magnetic speedos

Pt.no. BLB34 £2.50


Small Capless bulbholder

The dia. at the groove is 11MM, max OD 14MM

Pt.no SP770003 with 12V bulb £4.25


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