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Add £3.95 carriage up to £15. £15 - £25 add £4.95,

£25.00 - £50.00 add £5.95, £50.00 - £100.00 add

£8.95, Over £100.00 add £12.95

If in doubt E mail for a price norbsa02@aol.com

Bulky & difficult to pack items such as headlights & lenses add £1.00

Overseas bulb & LED orders add £2.00. Anything else E mail for carriage costs.

Carriage on all oil filter kits to UK £5.95

The filter cartridge is used on Norton Commandos so despite what our competitors say they will always be available

Unlike most car engines, classic bikes suffer from very poor oil filtration, leading to comparatively rapid wear of the major engine components. Gauze and/or felt filters will trap larger debris but allow smaller particles, down to micron size, to circulate causing continual wear. Modern 20/50W detergent oils are designed to carry particles along to be effectively filtered out. Fitting an up to date replaceable cartridge filter will give an older motorcycle modern filtration levels allowing much greater engine life.

Now available as a kit, this filter system comes tailor made to suit each individual model allowing easy fitting. I don't just supply the filter & let you work out how/where to mount it, everything required for installation is included in each kit along with full step by step instructions. The Cartridge is also a 2CV Citroen equivalent.

This is a proven modification with many hundreds of kits sold over more than 20 years.

On ALL kits the std. centrestand can be used.


BSA A65 OIF mounts above the offside of the gearbox, with stainless bracket hose clips and fastners. PT.no.OFKA65OIF

BSA A65 Pre OIF mounts behind the gearbox, with stainless bracket hose clips and fastners. PT.no.OFKA65

BSA B25/TR25W/B44 Pre OIF mounts behind the gearbox, with stainless bracket hose clips and fastners. PT.no.OFKB25

BSA A7/Al0 S/Arm kit mounts out of sight in the toolbox, and includes everything needed to protect that bush, St./St. fastners, fittings, hose,and hose clips. Pt.no.OFKA10

TRIUMPH 350/500 mounts behind the gearbox and comes with everything needed for installation. Pt.no.OFKTRI350

TRIUMPH 650/750 oil in frame mounts above the nearside of the gearbox, with stainless bracket hose clips and fastners. Pt. no.OFKTRIOIF

TRIUMPH 650 pre oil in frame mounts behind the gearbox and comes with everything needed for installation. Pt.no.OFKTRIPREOIF

TRIUMPH 350/500 unit mounts out of sight below the gearbox. Pt.no. OFKTRI350

UNIVERSAL comes with 1.0m of hose, stainless fastners, hose clips, grommets for panel mounting, and a pre drilled St./St. mounting bracket that can be adapted to fit most bikes. Pt.no. OFKUNIV

"The instructions were clear .... it was exceptionally easy to fit" Steve Wilson, Classic Bike Guide April 1999

All filter kits 49.50 + £5.95 P&P

All parts inc. St./St. mounting brackets are available seperately

Replacement cartridges £5.95 + £3.95 P&P Pt.no. OILCAR


The filter mounting head is available by itself for £22.95

Pt.no. OFKMH

The filter uses a 16mm X 1.5mm pitch thread .

The mounting holes are 5/16" UNF


Norton Commando Lubrication system showing the filter in the return line

The filter cartridge is now shorter, making the dimension from the base to the mounting holes 73MM


Filters for 1/4" (6MM) petrol hose approx. 1" dia.

Pt.no. FFTCL £2.95 each

Plated brass (or sometimes St./St.) ferrules for 1/4" bore 'rubber' petrol line.

Pt. no. PT73021

£1.00 ea

Crimping tool for the ferrules above

Pt.no. CT017


Made in England

Available in 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" bore, this hose is suitable for petrol or hot engine oil at up to 16.5 Bar. Sold in 1.0 Metre lengths. Proof against unleaded with ethanol

1/4"Pt.no.OILH014 £4.50

5/16" Pt.no. OILH516 £5.50

3/8" Pt.no. OILH038 £6.50

St./St. Jubilee type hose clips in sizes to suit

1/4" jubilee type clips to suit £1.00 Pt.no. JUB014

5/16" jubilee type clips to suit £1.00 Pt.no. JUB516

3/8" jubilee type clips to suit £1.00 Pt.no. JUB038

St./St 'O' clips in sizes to suit. These can be crimped with the proper tool, in the vice or using a pair of cutters, state the size.

1/4" O clips Pt.no.OC014 £1.00

5/16" O clips Pt.no.OC516 £1.00

1/4" O clips Pt.no.OC038 £1.00



BSA sump plate kit comprising a cast & machined aluminium housing, a magnetic sump plug, St./St. gauze strainer, gaskets & St./St. caphead screws & washers.

This is a very good addition to the lubrication system of the BSA twins using a magnet to attract microscopic ferrous particles that otherwise circulate in the oil causing wear.

We have made this as a finned aluminium casting as the rough surface & the fins helps to cool the oil as it passes.

The addition of a sump plug means that the sump can be easily & quickly drained after the bike has been left for some time & the oil has drained into the sump

Also fits A50/A65s

£41.95 Pt.no.


The parts are available seperately:

Finned ally. sump plate by itself Pt.no. A1061221 £27.95

St./St. sumplate filter for BSA A7/10, A50/65 Pt.no. A1097058 £8.95


Shown fitted to an A65


A sump plate milled from solid is also now available Pt.no. A1061221B £35.95

This can be supplied with the filter, gaskets & St./St bolts & washers as above

Pt.no. A10SPKB £47.95


B & M Group, finned alloy sump plate with magnetic drain plug

Pt.no. SP61220



Write to me: 49 Chequers Lane, Prestwood, Bucks. HP16 9DR

Ring me on: 01494 868218

9.00AM - 4.30PM Mon./Thurs.

Please leave a message if I'm out

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For ordering see How to order

E mail me at: norbsa02@aol.com (use this address for Paypal payments)


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