BSA Super Rocket 667 FMP


I spotted this photo on Facebook taken at the Ace Cafe & recognised the reg. no. as one of my old bikes.

Going by the tank it looks like it started life as a 500, but by the time I bought it in 1977 it had a Super Rocket engine. I wonder who he was? He looks happy enough.

Here the bike has different bars & levers, a car headlight & what looks like a chromed front mudguard, & a bent footrest.



I'd just bought it when these were taken, you can just see a fiberglass petrol tank & a BMW style cockpit fairing & a ghastly 'lace curtain' effect paint job. These photos were taken on a UBs run to (I think) Weymouth 1977.




Just starting to change it around

It had straight bars & 'John Tickle' headlamp brackets behind the fairing. The awful crash-bars, went in the skip around the corner. The paintwork's still on the chainguard. That's a skinny version of me, I'd have been around 21 when this was taken.


I took it to the IOM TT in 1978 by which time I'd fitted different forks, a nice export tank, a 2LS front brake & ally rims.

When the 6 spring BSA clutch fell apart I fitted a Norton clutch, a great improvement + proper headlamp brackets & comfortable bars. (Not unlike the first owners).

This was taken at the Union Mills campsite





The last photo was taken just after I sold it with the happy new owner. Apparently he knocked the ends out shortly afterwards.

It isn't on the DVLA database so was probably broken for spares, a shame as it was a damn good bike. It had the QD rear wheel - you could take it out in seconds.


This is what it probably looked like when it was new. Apart from the pratt on it, I think it looked better in the photo on the left.

Oh look there's a garden gnome on the seat. This looks like a good restoration apart from the missing airfilter.


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