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£25.00 - £50.00 add £5.95, £50.00 - £100.00 add

£8.95, Over £100.00 add £12.95

If in doubt E mail for a price

Bulky & difficult to pack items such as headlights & lenses add £1.00

Overseas bulb & LED orders add £2.00. Anything else E mail for carriage costs.

If in doubt E mail for a price

Overseas bulb & LED orders add £2.00. Other overseas orders E mail for carriage costs.


LED H4 headlight bulb replacements
Our Daylighter LED headlight bulbs produce a much 'whiter' light and consume a lot less power than standard or Quartz Halogen bulbs.

The light is 'whiter' & brighter than a Std. H4 bulb, but more importantly, the beam pattern is correct.

As seen in the LH image, the LEDs are in the same position as the filaments on a std. H4. This ensures a good beam pattern & is often not the case. I have tested many H4 LEDs and most give a poor beam pattern. There are plenty of duds out there.

In Lucas & Wipac motorcycle headlights the dip beam is just the same & on main beam it is wider & brighter.

If we say that the light output of a normal H4 is 60/55W, then these are about 70/60, but they only draw 25W from your bikes power supply not 60W. Ideal for a dynamo bike converted to 12V.

They plug straight into the existing H4 socket and do not have a bulky 'driver' in the lead. The heatsink does not get too hot.

On a total loss system (or if your dynamo packs up) you will still get a good light until the battery is almost dead.


With the socket, the overall length is almost the same as a std. H4 so fitting inside the headlight should be no problem.

I also stock a shallower Wipac H4 headlight which gives more room for bikes with a headlamp nacelle, A10 etc. See Motorcycle & car lighting

MOTs aren't a problem H4LED £29.95 each. Bulk buying allows new lower price

3 pin socket to suit HL13125 £2.95

Socket connections: Blue is earth, white dip & black main

If the body of the socket is grey, then Black is earth



Operating Voltage 9V - 32V DC

Light output 4000 LM

IP Rating IP65

Colour temperature 6500K

Operating life > 30,000 hrs.

operating temperature - 40 - + 50 Deg. C.

Suitable for 12V Negative or positive earth




1 x Daylighter H4 LED + Lucas 7.0" H4 headlight & adapter £62.95 (Normal price £64.45) H4LEDLUC


Also available with the shallower Wipac Quadoptic H4. This gives more space where there is a headlamp Nacelle & speedo cable in the way, BSA A10 etc. or a mass of wiring inside the headlight shell, Mk111 Commando.

1 x Daylighter H4 LED + Wipac 7.0" H4 headlight & adapter H4LEDWIP £62.95 (Normal price £64.45)


All the 7.0" H4 headlights above fit into a rim opening of 169 MM dia. & come with pilot bulbholders where applicable.

If the Wipac unit is laid face down & a steel rule is laid across where the bulb locates, the dimension between where the headlight locates into the rim & the rule is 59MM, the dome of the glass is 20MM.




As fitted to British bikes late 1940s - 1970s

These LED headlight bulbs draw very little current, only 7.5W, so are great for cars like Austin 7s with a low dynamo output and older bikes with a low power dynamo.

The light from these LEDs is 'whiter' & brighter than a std. bulb, but they are not as bright as our 12V Quartz Halogen headlamp bulbs & the beam pattern isn't as good. They are good for 6V dynamo systems, particularly with the older 'short' dynamo.

If you have a 12V alternator bike QH bulbs are definately better, (and cheaper). See for Quartz Halogen bulbs.

If you use your headlight mainly as a daytime riding light & only occasionally at night they are ideal.

These are great for daytime riding lights, you can leave them on all the time without worrying about your battery.

Suitable for 6V & 12V systems.

We have had some alterations made to these from the standard factory spec. to improve the beam pattern.

Perfect for total loss systems, (or if your dynamo fails) you will still get a good light until the battery is almost flat.

No LED headlights are suitable for British 6V alternator bikes unless a regulator/rectifier is fitted See A REG SIX


Positive earth LDBPFPOS Negative earth LDBPFNEG both are £19.95 each Bulk buying allows new lower price

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