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All the indicators on this page have standard bulbs.



12V only

Chrome body amber lens IND35023 All types £11.95 per pair

Black body amber lens IND35022
Chrome body clear lens IND35029
2 x pairs Mini Indicators, 1 x flasher unit, 1 x handlebar switch, wiring diag. £34.80 Pt.nos. INDMINIA for chrome, INDMINIB for black INDMINIC for clear
Indicator switch IND694997 £8.95 Flasher unit INDWRE06 £5.95
Spare Bulbs BLB03 Clear £1.50 each

Measuring 2 1/2" (64MM) with a lens 1 7/8" (47MM) these mini indicators look smart and unobtrusive.

Mounting thread M10 x 20MM long

Fitted with a 12V 23W bulb they are very bright.




Universal chromed alloy indicators. They look particularly good on Cafe Racers and customs, and not out of place on classics. 6 or 12V


The mounting stud is 8MM x 25MM so the indicators cam be used to mount the headlamp, & on many bikes A10s, Dommies etc can be used insted of the rear mudguard mounting bolts.

They are priced at £22.95 / Pr.

Indicator switch £8.95 Flasher unit £5.95 6 or 12V

The lens is 2 1/2" long and 1 1/8" at its widest + 6V OR 12V


Spare bulbs 6V 307 £1.50. 12V 382/1 £1.00

The black/white wire is earth


The Universal indicators are also available in black with chrome mountings INDUADJBLK + 6V or 12V

They are priced at £22.95 / Pr.

Indicator switch £8.95 IND694997

Flasher unit £5.95 6V INDWRE05 or 12V INDWRE06

The lens is 2 1/2" long and 1 1/8" at its widest

The thread is M8 & 25MM long & comes with a locknut.



4 x Universal Ind., 1 x flasher unit, 1 x handlebar switch + wiring diag. £60.90 + P&P

Pt.nos. INDUNIKITC Chrome or INDUNIKITB black + 6V or 12V


Chrome universal indicators and the compact handlebar switch (see below) fitted to a customers 650SS




Good quality metal bodied indicators, 6V & 12V these feature a rubber seal between the body & lens to keep moisture out.

The M8 mounting thread is over 30MM long so can be used to mount the headlamp at the front & mudguard at the rear. 49MM dia. & 65MM long.

Don't look out of place on Austin 7s etc. & can be supplied with a panel mounting toggle switch.

Pt.nos. INDCBU 6V or INDCBU 12V

£22.95 PER PAIR Now back in stock.

On installation the black/white wire is earth


Pt.nos. INDC015 6V or INDC015 12V

£22.95 PER PAIR

49MM dia. & 65MM long

On installation the black/white wire is earth

Spare bulbs 6V 307 £1.50. 12V 382/1 £1.00 each


4 x indicators., 1 x flasher unit, 1 x handlebar switch + wiring diag. £60.90 + P&P




Traditional round indicators with clear lenses, specially developed to blend in with an old bike or car. Come as std. with bright orange bulbs in 6V or 12V

Almost invisable on Cafe Racers, until you turn them on.

6V INDCC + 6V 12V INDCC + 12V

£22.95 per pair Now in stock

Spare bulbs 6V 307(Orange) £1.75

12V 382/1 (Orange) £1.75 each



4 x indicators., 1 x flasher unit, 1 x handlebar switch + wiring diag. £60.90 + P&P INDCCKIT+ 6V or 12V

Click here for LED versions




As fitted to Norton/BSA/Triumphs 1971 on, these have the Lucas and SAE part numbers as the originals

Long 5.0" IND10151 £19.25 each £39.95/PR.

Short 3.0" IND10057 £19.25 each £39.95/PR.

St./St. Locknuts to suit £1.00 ea. INDLN


Genuine Lucas spare lens with all the correct Lucas part nos. etc.

Our IND10058L

£4.95 each

These also fit the pattern Lucas indicators




Similar to indicators fitted to 1970s Moto Guzzis

These are reproductions of the Lucas indicators fitted to 1970s BSA, Triumph and Nortons. They are 2 5/8" in dia. The mounting thread as the originals are 7/16 UNF

These are £10.75 each, £21.50 / pair.

3.0" Stalks IND10170 + 6V or 12V

5.0" Stalks IND10171 + 6V or 12V

Indicator switch £8.95 IND694997

Flasher unit £5.95 INDWRE05 6V or INDWRE06 12V

Spare bulbs 6V 720B £1.50. 12V 382 £1.00 each

St./St. Locknuts to suit £1.00 ea. INDLN

4 x indicators., 1 x flasher unit, 1 x handlebar switch + wiring diag. £57.90 INDLU30 or INDLU50 + 6V or 12V




Can be fitted to any bike without ruining the appearance

Particularly suited to classics, these are reproductions of the Hella units fitted to 1960s BMWs and the Norton Electra. INDCB22 12V 24.95 / pair

Indicator switch £8.95 IND694997

Flasher unit £5.95 Pt.nos. INDWRE06



2 x Bar End Indicators, 1 x flasher unit, 1 x handlebar switch + wiring diag. £39.85

Kit to replace the amber lenses with clear lenses + an amber bulb INDBARCL £5.95
Spare clear bulbs 12V 273 £1.50 each

Spare amber lenses £3.00 each, also clear lenses x 2 + amber bulb £7.50


Click here for indicator wiring diagram



(See also flasher unit with buzzer below)

Thes give a high pitch buzz, loud enough to be heard inside a crash helmet, and come with instructions + everything needed to install

They are quite small so will often fit inside the headlamp/nacelle,or can be tied onto the wiring harness almost anywhere.

We have had these specially made with an extra long wire that can be attached to the brake light feed to silence the buzzer. So when waiting at a junction, put your foot on the brake and when the lights change & you ride off the buzzer returns.

If you use an LED rearlight, the buzzer may not sound. In that case the brakelight wire must be earthed & you will lose the brake/buzzer off facility.

Easy to install, & the brake light wire can be simply connected to earth inside the headlight if you don't need the 'Brakelight of' facility


12V Positive earth WBpos. £9.95 O/Stock

12V Negative earth WBneg. £9.95 O/Stock

6V Positive earth Ptno. WB6pos. £10.50 O/Stock

6V Negative earth only WB6neg. £10.50




The indicator warning LED gives a green light.

Mounting needs just one 12MM hole with holder, or 8MM without. With the holder it fits the warning light holes on later Lucas headlamps. The kit comes with everything needed + instructions, easy to install just 3 wires to connect

This can be used for conventional or LED indicators

12V negative or positive earth, please state which

12V Pos earth O/Stock WLneg (Neg earth) £8.95 WLpos O/Stock(Pos earth) £8.95 Made in England




These fit most motorcycle warning lights and replace the 12V 2W BA7s bulb.

They're brighter & available in Blue Green Red & White

Pt. Nos. LDBA7 + the colour. Choose the same colour as the lens with white for Amber.

£3.00 each



6V/12V neg. earth flasher unit incorporating a warning buzzer

Ptno. IND714100



Genuine Lucas flasher unit 35048 as fitted to Triumph, BSA & Norton from the 1970s IND10059L



6 or 12V Flasher units are available to suit LED indicators.

2 pin £12.95 INDWRLED01

3 pin £12.95 INDWRLED02

3 Pin wiring: B=Bulb, L= Live & E=Earth

10W max. load so LEDs only. If you want one LED & one 21W bulb per side the INDWRE06 below will work CF13 3 Pin flasher unit wiring

Neg earth only

B = Live +

L = Bulbs

E = Earth CF12 2 pin flasher unit

Neg earth L = Bulbs B =Live +

Pos earth B = Bulbs L = Live -




This flasher unit is available in either 6V or 12V.

It will operate 2 x 9W to 2 x 23W bulbs. It is a 3 pin device, if you want a 2 pin it will work, just don't use the centre terminal.

It is very forgiving of a low battery Voltage and will still flash when most flasher units just leave the indicators on permenantly. Comes with a wiring diagram.

34MM dia (+ rubber mount) x 18MM (+ terminals) standard 1/4" terminals

£5.95 + £3.50 P&P Pt.nos. WRE05 6V or WRE06 12V


These sockets suit the flasher units above HL13125 £2.95

Click here for indicator wiring diagram



Indicator switch 1

3 position indicator switch is for handlebar mounting and features a 'centre-off' position. Simple & reliable.

£8.95 IND694997


Indicator switch 2

Switch similar to the one above but better quality with a more substantial clamp arrangement

£14.95 IND15434


Choosing this switch will add £6.00 to the cost of any of the above indicator kits

Car indicator switch

Unobtrusive 3 position switch, for panel mounting

£10.90 SW81702




Compact Multipurpose handlebar switch No. 1 IND694600

Just over 1 1/8"" wide (30MM)

Clamps around the standard 7/8" handlebar

Headlight: Dip, Main




Click here for wiring details

This switch is ideal when adding indicators to a classic bike, needing no wiring changes to the light switch, only removal of the existing dip switch/horn button and wiring in the indicators. Existing levers can be used.

Right handlebar switch No. 2 IND694605

Just over 1 1/8"" wide (30MM)

Matching right hand switch:

Engine run/off

Lights on/off

Electric start or flasher.





Multipurpose light switch No. 3

Clamps around the standard 7/8" handlebar

Lights:Off, Pilot, Main

Headlight: Dip, Main, Flash

Indicators, Horn and a Choke (Advance/Retard) that can be removed if not required

£34.95 IND144353 O/Stock

Click here for wiring details

The switch is 1 9/16" wide (39MM)

This switch carries all the light switching requirements so leaving the headlamp free and only an ignition switch (if applicable ) will be needed.



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