Motorcycle electrics

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Genuine Lucas Rotors |& Stators


Click here for notes on alternators


Genuine Lucas RM20 Rotor, 6 Pole with welded 0.75" centre. As fitted to most British motorcycles late 50's to 70's equipped with alternators. 74MM O.D. Suits older pattern & genuine Lucas single & 3 phase stators

Lucas 54202299 ALT10105L £84.95



Rotor shown with 'keeper plates' for storage


Genuine Lucas Stators


Genuine Lucas Stators

Single phase 12V 120W 2 wire (RM21pattern) LU47205 ALT10109 £82.95 Used with the A Reg Six, 6V regulator/rectifier, this stator is also suitable for a 6V system, replacing the old 3 wire stator.

It will run a 12V bike with lights without a battery if a capacitor is used

Single phase 12V 200W 2 wire (RM27pattern) ALT10190 £82.95

Three phase 12V 175W 3 wire (RM24 pattern LU47244) ALT10192 £102.95 (Must be used with A Reg Three below)


120W Lucas stator with the Lucas rotor is £167.90 ALT120L

200W Lucas stator with the Lucas rotor is £167.90 ALT200L

3 Ph.175W Lucas stator with the Lucas rotor £187.90 ALT175L

Postage on rotors and stators seperately £5.95 each, £9.95 together.


Click here for notes on alternators

Pattern Three Phase stators

These stators are the same quality as the genuine Lucas stators, made by the same company on the same tooling, just cheaper

Three phase 12V 175W 3 wire (RM24 pattern LU47244)

A higher output version of the std. 3 phase stator. Use with A Reg Three regulator/rectifier ALT10192P £89.95

Genuine Lucas version £94.95 ALT10192L

These use the Lucas rotor above

Postage on rotors and stators seperately £5.95 each, £9.95 together.


Click here for notes on alternators


Energy Transfer stator

5 wire stator as used on BSA/Triumph models. These ET stators were fitted to off road versions of T120,TR6,T100,TR5, A65, etc. Not suitable for singles.

Accepts the std. 74MM rotor. Must be used with an ET coil

Replaces RM15 LU47149, as superceded by RM19 LU47188. ALT10107 £88.00


Replacement Lucas Energy Transfer (ET) Ignition coil, for use on Triumph,BSA models . This coil can be used for both 6V and 12V points, or CDI/ET ignition systems. Original Lucas part numbers were LU45149 and LU45150. COI19377 £16.95

Click here for notes on alternators

Click here for 12V alternator wiring diagram and details on converting 6V to 12V




All these regulators can be mounted under the seat or in the toolbox, they do not need to be 'in the wind' like the Zener diode

Other traders may sell similar looking products, if it hasn't got an A Reg label on the back it isn't an A Reg

Over 4500 A Regs sold since 2010 (Aug. 2015)

A REG SIX £34.95

This 6V regulator will suit any Lucas / Miller type 6V alternator and will give proper Voltage control to prevent boiled batteries/blown bulbs and allow the safe use of AGM batteries such as the Cyclons. Because of the way the alternator is wired more power is available when the battery is low. Can be wired Pos. or neg. earth. Very reliable & simple to install

They come with full instructions. AREG6

67 x 59 x 24MM mounting holes 6MM dia. 55MM apart

A REG ONE £34.95

These 12V regulators suit any Lucas / Miller / Wipac type alternator and replace the Zener diode and the rectifier. They can also be used when converting from 6V to 12V and come with full instructions. Very reliable & simple to install.

They are rated at 25A which is 300W and have been tested to max. output with our 200W alternator

They can be used without a battery if a Capacitor is fitted, see below. Can be wired Pos. or neg. earth

They are suitable for std. 120W & high output 200W alternators. AREG1

67 x 59 x 24MM mounting holes 6MM dia. 55MM apart

They also suit the Alton alternator/electric start as supplied for Commandos. They are not suitable for the Alton Dynamo replacement alternators.



For 3 phase alternators up to 200W

Can be wired Pos. or neg. earth

70 x 65 x 27MM
 REG10121 at £74.95

A high output 200W Podtronics regulator

As supplied now with Alton generators.

65 x 75 x 30MM 6MM dia. mounting holes 65MM apart


Think it's not charging? How to check

Click here for alternator circuit diagram using a regulator rectifier

12V alternator circuit diagram using a Zener diode

and details on converting 6V to 12V

How to convert an XT500 to 12V




A capacitor is available for use where no battery is used on an alternator system. On British bikes, easy starting will only be possible using the RM21 type 120W stator. (ALT10109 above)

Fitting a capacitor to any alternator bike will slightly increase its charging potential & may prevent damage to a Regulator/Rectifer by minor unnoticed faults.

£11.95 CAP01




The Zener diode was used on Alternator equipped British bikes from the mid 1960s to give a cheap and effective 12V Voltage control.

Zener diode positive earth as standard

£34.95 ZEN10054

Now also available in negative earth

£34.95 ZEN10166

Triumph type Heatsink ZEN 26114 £24.00 O/STOCK

The A Reg Regulator/rectifier above is a better system


The bridge rectifier shown here replaces the lucas finned rectifiers fitted to British bikes from the 1950s to the late 1970 and will suit all models 6/12V fitted with an alternator except electric start Triumphs and Nortons.

The older Lucas rectifiers needed fins to dissipate the heat generated, these are more efficient in rectifing all the current so need no finning and supply more current to the battery. Easy to connect, and supplied with wiring instructions. Rated up to 25A £5.25

Dimensions are 30MM x 30MM x 23MM



This is a Genuine Lucas bridge rectifier as fitted to British bikes mid 1960s onward and will also replace the earlier larger selenium rectifiers.

Positive earth, models 1962 on REC10135 £51.95





(Low Voltage Lamp Driver)

This simple device connects between the ignition switch & earth. 12V only.

When the ignition is turned on the lamp lights.

When the engine starts and the battery is being charged the lamp goes out. No charge it stays on.

This can be used on an alternator system or a dynamo system used to power coil ignition.

Replaces the warning light assimilator on Commandos. Full instructions are supplied.

Without warning light £19.95 LVLD

With warning light (Red, Blue, Green or amber) £24.90 Pt.No. LVLDWL + colour




The Battery Status Monitor (BSM) is a LED voltmeter designed to monitor the Voltage across a 6 or 12V battery. It is an easy to see what is happening to the battery, charging - not charging - over charging. Battery low - fully charged.

Under 10.75 Volts. The battery Voltage is very low, the LED will flash red slowly

At 12V Battery is still low and the LED maintains a constant red.

12.5 - 13.5V battery fully charged (engine not running) the LED will show orange.

Over 13.8V battery charging the LED shows green

Over 15.25V Overcharging. Fast red flash.

12V BSM12V £26.95 each

6V versions are also available, £26.95 BSM6V


Now available for handlebar mounting using a chrome plated clip BSMHB6V & BSMHB12V



The BSM is protected against reverse connection and unlike an Ammeter is immune to vibration. The BSM incorporates an ambient light sensor that dims the LED for night time.

The dia. of the LED is 10MM with an 11MM base. this clicks into a 14MM holder

Also serves as an ignition on reminder

On coil ign. bikes it is wired to switch off with the ign. On dynamo bikes it can be wired to the speedo light.



Lucas 425049

Fitted to many British twins

Our DIS10006



Distributer cap for DKX1A Distributer

Lucas 402101

Our DIS402101






These Dynamo armatures are British made and are top quality replacements for the originals. They are wound as the 6V originals but will satisfactorly run a 12V system when using the V reg Voltage Regulator, below.

Replacement armature for Tri/AMC/Norton twins with E3L dynamo £99.90 DYN10210




Replacement armature for BSA twins fitted with the E3L dynamo £99.90 DYN10211



Replacement armature for Magdynos 60W long £99.90 DYN10212




Replacement armature for Magdynos 40W short £99.00 DYN10212S

Imported version DYN10212SP £49.95



Replacement armature for AMC singles fitted with 40W dynamo £99.90 DYN10213




Miller Dynamo Armature. Short type (163mm) 36W. As fitted to Velocette Vincent ,Rudge models etc

Made In England. DYN10230 £129.00


Miller Dynamo armature. Long Type (188mm)

As fitted to Velocette Vincent ,Rudge models etc Made In England. DYN10231 £129.00



Short Type 6V Miller Dynamo Field Coil.

As fitted to 6V,DVR,DM3G 36W Dynamos. Made In England.

Copper core wire and doubly insulated £42.95


Long Type 6V Miller Dynamo Field Coil. Fits Miller D6,DV Long type Dynamos, but does not include resistance windings. Made In England

Copper core wire and doubly insulated. DYN10233 £43.95


Field coil for Lucas E3N dynamo

£28.95 DYN10227


Field coil for Lucas E3L dynamo

£35.90 DYN10214


Lucas E3L Dynamo Bearing Commutator End (Double Sealed) WE27218 £4.95

The Drive End Dynamo Bearing (Double Sealed) is WE27208 £4.95


Genuine Lucas

Magneto brushes for the K1F & K2F magnetos.

Pt. no. MAG10003

Pack of 5 £9.95


Magneto endcap for K1F & K2F

Pt. no. MAG61096



Genuine Lucas

Dynamo Brushes E3L DYN10002 £17.95 / pr


Dynamo clip & screw £5.95

Pt. no DYN10409



Genuine Lucas Condenser 6/12V Fits distributer & 4CA breaker plate, but using the mounting hole can be located remotelyPt. no. CON10039 6V/12V £9.50


Genuine Lucas

Magneto Earth Brushes MAG10001

Pack of 5 £9.95

Bakelite E3L Dynamo Brush Plate DYN10422



Brass magneto washers, fit onto the end of the HT lead inside the pickups. MAG60803

£2.00 for 5


Split bullets for Lucas dynamos & regulators.

Pack of 6 £3.95

Traditional black rubber type cable ties. Made from synthetic rubber, these don't perish like the originals 4.0" long, wraps around frame tubes AC81603 Out of Stock


Dynamo terminal cover for Lucas dynamos pre metal end cap marked LUCAS ENGLAND DYN71055 £1.95

Chrome handlebar clip Holds the cables neatly against the bars, much more style than cableties

For std. 7/8" bars CL83099

£2.95 ea.



A 6V Lucas/Miller dynamo in good condition is capable of powering a 12V system allowing the use of modern lighting components. The E3H "short" dynamo will happily run a bike at 12 V fitted with the 35/35W Quartz Halogen headlight bulb. Whereas if everything is in good condition, the E3L as fitted to most 1950s twins is capable of powering the full 60/55W. There is no need to alter the dynamo in any way.

The V Reg can also be used on many foreign dynamo equipped bikes. See Bosch Dynamo Wiring


This device is proven and reliable. Available in Positive or Negative earth, also to run a 6V system.

The dynamo regulator is designed to replace the mechanical regulator with modern reliable semiconductors, and can handle up to 100W at 6V and even more for the 12V version, provided the dynamo is capable of delivering this power.

Fitted to the inside of a Miller regulator

The regulator must be used with a good battery (minimum 5 Amp-hours) and is guaranteed, subject to correct fitting and use with a good dynamo.

New features include: Current limit to the field winding, allows excellent performance when using a 6V dynamo on a 12V system while not straining the dynamo. Tougher electronics, with the introduction of higher energy spark suppression to reduce spikes generated by the dynamo. Improved "thermal foldback" which progressively reduces output power if the regulator gets too hot, indirectly limiting the dynamo from excessive current. Better servo loop stability, with new electronics which 'predict' when the output voltage is nearly correct and control the field current earlier.

The V-Reg 2a will run a 6V system or by cutting a simple wire link will run a 12V system.

46.95 Pt.nos. VREGPOS & VREGNEG

A 150W version is available to suit small cars such as the Austin 7 £59.95


Dimensions are 50 x 42 x 22MM

A battery will be needed with a capacity of 5 Amp/hours minimum. The Westco 12V7L-B which measures 114MM x 71MM x 113MM is a good choice. This is a sealed AGM maintenance free battery and will fit the battery tray of A7/10s, Pre-unit Triumphs, Dommies etc. with room to spare.

See also Motorcycle batteries page

How to Repolarize a dynamo



Sizes shown are the OD of the chrome bezel, the hole dia. will be 1/8" smaller

Lucas pattern

2" diameter AM19000


Lucas pattern

1 3/4" diameter AM19002


Lucas pattern

2" diameter 8-0-8 AM19001


Lucas pattern

2" diameter 12-0-12 AM19007


Lucas pattern

1 3/4" diameter AM19008


Miller pattern

2" diameter 8-0-8 AM19006


Miller pattern

2" diameter 8-0-8 shallow type 15MM deep AM19009


Lucas pattern

1 3/4" diameter AM19019


Lucas pattern

2" diameter

12- 0- 12 AM19011


Genuine Lucas


These fit the headlamps on the lighting page and have the correct mounting 'tags' not a 'U'clamp

1 3/4" diameter AM19021


Genuine Lucas


These fit the headlamps on the lighting page and have the correct mounting 'tags' not a 'U'clamp

1 3/4" diameter AM19020


Lucas pattern

Ammeter, black face with metal case 1-3/4" Used on various models pre 1968 AM19010

White face AM19023



Suit points ignition, Boyer, Pazon, Rita etc.

Genuine Lucas SPECIAL OFFER MA6 (6V) and MA12 (12V)

1.9" (48MM) dia. and 4 5/8" (118MM) long

As fitted to coil ign. bikes 1950s - mid 1960s

6V COI19378

12V COI19379

£19.95 SPECIAL OFFER (Was £23.95)

Genuine Lucas coils 1 5/8" (40MM) dia x 4 5/8" (118MM)

6V version also suits bikes with electronic ign. Boyer/Pazon/Rita etc.

6V COI19375L

12V COI19376L £23.95 each

Mounting clips to suit 40MM coils COI10068 £4.25

Mounting clips to suit MA6 & MA12 coils 48MM COI10069 £4.25

Plated steel with nuts & bolts


COI10068 £4.25
COI10069 £4.25


HT lead clips to suit the above & most other coils HTCL £1.00 each


Rubber 'boot' for HT Lead, mag. or coil & some plugcaps COI60401

£1.00 each


Hinckley Triumph coils


Genuine Lucas Single Outlet Digital 12V Ignition coil for Hinckley Triumph 900 Thunderbird, Adventurer, Legend, Trident 750/900 Daytona 750/900, Speed Triple 750/900 Tiger 885 and Trophy 900 models. COI19382 O/STOCK till July 2016

£28.75 each


Genuine Lucas Dual Outlet Digital 12V Ignition coil for Triumph Hinckley Bonneville/T100 800/865, SE and Thruxton models.

Also suitable for BMW models COI19381

£32.95 each



Twin output coil 5 Ohm impedance for points or electronic ignition such as Boyer, Pazon, Rita etc. Comes complete all mounting hardware & wiring.

The moulded in HT leads are 585MM (23 inches) long. Body 70MM ( mountings 90MM centres) x 43MM


Lower power consumption, suitable for dynamo bikes. £38.95

Now available for 6V systems. Comes complete with all mounting hardware & wiring. The moulded in HT leads are 500MM (20 inches) long.

1.1 Ohm impedance

Body 70MM (mountings 100MM centres) x 43MM £38.95 As fitted to Kawasaki Z1

These coils can also be used in place of a distributer on a vertical twin, just using the contact breaker to fire both cylinders.

Ign. Coils for Lightweights

Ign. coil for Bantam D1/D3/D7

Wipac no. S1233

Out COI19374

44MM wide, 28MM tall, 14MM square hole in the middle.



Villiers Ign. coil (Short)

42MM body length, 34MM dia. Core length 64MM

Fits 31C/9E/10E/31A/32A/33A/34A Villiers M.2722E

Our COI19372 £22.95


Villiers Ign. coil (Long)

50MM body length, 34MM dia. Core length 74MM

Fits 1F/2F/4F/6F/10D/13D/29C/30C/6E/7E/8E

Villiers M.1361

Our COI19372 £22.95




These copies of the old Lodge spark plug cap have no supressive resistors so are particularly suitable for magneto equipped bikes. The copper core of the HT lead screws onto a threaded spike and the rubber sheath is then clamped round excluding water. PL76020 £2.50 each


NGK non-resistive plug caps for magneto ignitions. These are made from the same rigid plastic as the resistive caps below and incoporpate the rubber waterproof seals over the top of the plug & the HT lead. PL76023 £2.95 each


Champion resistive spark plug caps for coil ign. bikes as fitted to many british bikes for the 60/70s. PL76019 £5.95 each


NGK supressed plug caps are sealed againgst moisture around both the plug and lead. Suitable for coil ignition bikes and cars. PL76022 £4.25 each





English made copper cored HT lead sold by the metre £2.95 HTL

Made in England


See also batteries page


These lead/acid batteries are totally sealed and hold the acid in gel form soaked into matting making them totally leak proof and able to be mounted in any position.

Each battery is 6V. Two batteries can be connected to provide 6V or 12V, instructions are supplied.

These batteries are designed for long term use and under ideal conditions can last 8/10 years and they can be left for long periods without charging.
Each battery measures 135 x 75 x 51MM so 2 can be fitted inside the battery case below or mounted in place of a std. battery. They are not suitable for electric starts.
Cyclon cells are supplied charger, no further charging before use is required or desirable.
Two batteries connected for 6V or 12V have a capacity of 10AH and are suitable for use with dynamo equipped bikes fitted with a solid state Voltage regulator. Alternator bikes need a Zener diode or solid state Voltage regulator in 6V or 12V

One Cyclon cell costs £23.95 + £6.50 P&P BATCYC

Two Cyclon cells costs £47.90 + £9.95 P&P

Battery case with one cell £44.00 + £6.95 P&P BATCYC01

Special offer

Battery case with two cells £67.00 + £9.95 P&P BATCYC02

Full Cyclon instructions



These use the same advanced AGM technology as the batteries above but are intended for use with 12V non-electric start bikes

They have a 5AH capacity

They are 90 x 70 x 106MM & fit inside the rubber battery boxes.

Terminal connectors are supplied

£27.95 + £9.95 P&P Pt. no. BATES5-12

With battery case £48.90 + £9.95 P&P


These use the same advanced AGM technology as the batteries above but are intended for use with 6V bikes without electric start

They have a large 13AH capacity

They are 105 x 70 x 140MM & fit the rubber battery boxes

£37.95 + £9.95 P&P Pt. no. BATES13-6


They have been designed to be a snug fit inside the new hard rubber battery case giving the maximum storage capacity.

Supplied together the cost is £58.00 + £9.95 P&P BATCAS136


What exactly is an AGM battery? An AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery is a lead acid battery that is sealed using special internal pressure valves and is completely maintenance-free. The electrolyte is absorbed in separators consisting of a sponge like mass of matted glass fibres which uses a recombination reaction to prevent the escape of hydrogen and oxygen gases normally lost in a liquid lead-acid battery. They are non-spillable, and therefore can be operated in virtually any position. However, upside-down installation is not recommended. Once fully charged they can be left for long periods without discharging or needing recharging.




This is a simple 'do it yourself' wiring loom kit intended for 6 or 12V alternator bikes using a regulator rectifier such as our A Reg One

The wiring is in the British standard colours & the kit contains all the connecters you'll need + a fuseholder & wiring tape (not shown)

Circuit diagram for Pos. & Neg. earth with all the colours marked is included. If you can read a map, you can read this. WLALT £39.95 Assembled in England

Click here for circuit diagram

Do It Yourself Wiring Loom now available for dynamo bikes WLDYN £39.95



Genuine Lucas premium quality cloth braided wiring looms. Supplied boxed with colour coded wiring loom installation plan

UK made. Lucas is a registered trademark of Lucas Industries Limited.

Looms using 88SA switches are fitted with OEM switch sockets.

C15/B40 Distributer models 59-63 main harness WL19091 £84.95
C15/B40 side points 64-66 WL19093 £84.95

A50/65 Main Harness 66-67 WL19219 £84.95
A50/65 Main Harness 1967 WL19221 £84.95
A50/65 Main Harness 1968 WL19222C £84.95
A50/65 Main Harness 69-70 19129C £99.45
A50/65 Contact breaker sub loom 19214 £6.85
Complete wiring Harness. As fitted to BSA A7/A10 Swinging Arm models (1954-1962). This wiring harness is supplied complete with sub looms for dyno, mudguard and dip switch! Lucas Part number 839780 NEG Earth WL19105C £59.95
Main wiring Harness. As fitted to BSA A7/A10 (1948-1956). POS earth WL19255C £45.95
Main wiring Harness. As fitted to BSA Bantam D10,D14 models. Direct replacement for Wipac S4609. Supplied with Switch sockets. WL19135 £83.95
Twin switch Coil Ignition Main wiring Harness. As fitted to BSA Bantam D7 models (1963-66). Direct replacement for Wipac S3536. Supplied with Switch sockets. WL19212 £83.95
Main wiring Harness. As fitted to BSA B and M Group models (1946-55) including B31,B32,B33,B34 and M20,M21,M33. WW19270C £59.95
Main Wiring Harness. As fitted to Triumph T140, TR7 (1974-78) main wiring harness. Lucas 54962258. WL19097 £115.95
Main wiring Harness. As fitted to Triumph T100 (1970-72). WL19080C £69.50
Main wiring Harness. As fitted to Triumph T120/TR6 (1971-73) and BSA A50/A65 (1970-72). WL19086C £59.95
Headlamp wiring Harness. As fitted to Triumph TR6/T120 (1971-73) and BSA A50/A65 (1970-72). WL19107C £45.95
Main wiring Harness. As fitted to Triumph T100,T120,TR6 models (1969-70). Lucas part numbers 54955256,57095. WL19113C £82.95
Main wiring Harness. As fitted to Triumph T140/TR7 (1978-80) Electronic Ignition with triple zenor diode models. £115.95
Main wiring Harness. As fitted to Triumph T140/TR7 Three phase with single Zenor diode models (1979-80). WL19095 £115.95
Pre-unit T100/5T 1949 Mag/Dyno Nacelle Main Harness WL19281 £57.55
Pre-unit T100/T110/5T/6T 52-55 Mag/Dyno Main Harness WL19108 £57.55
Pre-unit T100/T110/T120 55-59 Mag/Alternator Main Harness WL19242 £57.55

T110 60-62 Mag/Alternator Main Harness WL19269 £57.55
TR6/T120 60-62 Mag/Alternator Main Harness WL19110 £57.55
T20 Cub Distributer with PRS8 switch Main Harness WL19243 £57.55
T20 Cub side points switches in Nacelle Main Harness WL19247 £77.50
3TA/5TA 57-62 PRS8 Switch Main Harness WL19109 £65.90
3TA/5TA 63-65 with 88SA Switches Main Harness WL 19121 £87.95
3TA/5TA Main Harness WL19257 £92.45
T90/T100/T120 63-64 Main Harness WL 19244 £87.95
T90/T100/T120 1965 Main Harness WL19122 £87.95
T90/T100/T120 66-67 Main Harness WL19120C £87.95
T90/T100/T120 1968 Main Harness WL19112 £87.95
Norton Twins Alternator/coil ign. Main Harness 58-63 WL19156 £69.95
Norton Twins Alternator/coil ign. Main Harnes 1967 WL19160C £99.95
Lucas Main wiring Harness. As fitted to Norton Commandos (1970-74). WL19082 £71.95
Headlamp wiring Harness. As fitted to Norton Commandos (1970-74 WL19106C £39.95
Main wiring Harness. As fitted to Norton Commandos (1968-69). WL19124 £69.50
Main wiring Harness. As fitted to Norton Commando MK3 (1975 on). WL19132 £81.50
Headlamp wiring Harness. As fitted to Norton Commando MK3 (1975 on). WL19133 £69.50
Ignition Console Wiring Harness. As fitted to Norton Commando MK3 models (1975 on). WL19161 £6.00
Ignition Sub Wiring Harness. As fitted to Norton Commando MK3 models (1975 on). WW19162 £10.80
Front Brake Switch Sub Wiring Harness. As fitted to Norton Commando MK3 models (1975 on). WW19296 £4.75



Copies of the original Lucas Altette horns as fitted to many British bikes of the 1940s and 50s are now available.

These are accurate reproductions featuring a cast iron body and chrome bezel as per the originals and are just over 4 inches in diameter.

6V ALTH11048 SPECIAL OFFER £75.00 Last few at this price

12V ALTH11048B £89.90



Mounting brackets

Single hole ALTH11049s £10.95

Twin mounting hole ALTH11049 £10.95


This kit will brighten your original Lucas Altette horn as fitted to many British bikes of the 1940s and early 50s. As in the photo all dome nuts and the locknut are supplied in chrome along with the bezel.

The only difference between this and the original is that the word Lucas is missing.

Outside diameter 4.55" Inside 2.75" ALTH11050 £21.95 OUT OF STOCK


Click here for details of a simple and cheap way to fix a silent Altette horn.


Mini Altette


A lot smaller and lighter than the full size Altette at 3 7/8" dia. the mini Altette has similar styling so doesn't look out of place on an old bike.

1 3/8" front to back with 1/2" mounting stud & bracket

Comes with a mounting bracket. HORN03 6V £9.95 HORN04 12V £9.95



These are copies of the Lucas No. 54068060 6V

and 54068062 12V horns from the 1960s.

Finished in satin black.

Approx. 3 7/8" dia H11046 6V H11047 12V

£39.95 each


Genuine Wipac


Twin Trumpet horns, 12V, one high tone one low tone. As loud as some air horns

The main dia. ie 85MM These are loud.

These aren't airhorns so don't need a compressor or relay.

Pt. no. High HOR5786, Low HOR5787

£9.95 each

Minature Horns

Minature horns in 6V & 12V. Black or Silver

70MM in dia, 100db. £6.00 HORS6V & HORS12V


Chrome horns. 6V & 12V 4.0" in dia.. 110db, slitted or plain.

Slitted 12V HORHEL004 £9.95

Plain 12V HOR12VCH £12.95

Slitted 6V £9.95





Chrome handle-bar button earths the connecting lead and can be used for horns or magneto cut-outs. Lucas pattern SW16006 9.95 for 7/8" bars SW76204 £9.95 for 1.0" bars

Horn button  

Classic handle-bar button earths the connecting lead and can be used for horns or magneto cut-outs.

Black SW694995 £6.95

Red SWK522 £6.95


Universal dipswitch. Can also be used as an on/off switch. £8.95 SWD008


Lucas pattern dipswitch/horn button £18.95 SW19231


Lucas pattern dipswitch/horn button

Similar to above but screws to the back of one of the levers or handlebars SW19239 £18.95


Miller pattern dipswitch/horn button £16.70

Pt. no. SW86004


Wipac Ducon pattern S3857 dipswitch/hornbutton £18.95 SW10128


Wipac Tricon pattern S3858 dipswitch/hornbutton/killswitch £18.95 SW10129


Lucas Pattern dipswitch Lucas no. 31549 Gold Star, P/Unit Triumph, Sunbeam S7/8 SW19232



Bullet connecters as originally used in the 1960/70s, soft plastic enclosing a metal spring sleeve with brass - solder or crimp on bulllets.

Bullets £1.25 / pack of 10 CON-B

Single connecter £1.25 / pack of CON-S

Double connector £1.25 / pack of 5 CON-T




Split bullets as used with Lucas dynamos/ regulators.

£3.95 / pack of 6 DYN10405


Bakelite dynamo clip & screw

£5.95 Out of stock

Pt. no DYN10109


Modern blade type fuseholders. Waterproof and secure. Std. car size fuses. Spare fuses available at Halfords & any other car shops.

£2.95 with 30A fuse FUBH04

Spare 30A fuses 0.25P each



Traditional black rubber type cable ties. These don't perish like the originals and look a lot better than modern cable ties on an old bike.

To install, poke needle nose pliers through the hole, grab the large end & pull it back through the hole.

0.40P ea.





New fully automatic battery charger. Can be switched between 6V & 12V

Suits all types of motorcycle battery

Auto-stop prevents overcharging

Comes with extra eyeletted leads and quick release plug/socket for easy connection BCH012 £19.95 + £3.95 P&P




Spare leads for the charger above. Also fits the Optimate/Accumate chargers. BCH0N03 £3.95

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