LED Stop/Tails, Spotlamps, Instrument, Daytime running lights

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We stock both Positive and Negative earth LED bulb replacements.

LEDs are polarity sensitive ie if your vehicle is + earth and you fit a - earth LED, no damage will be done but it won't light. LEDs must be fed from a battery supply. Direct from a generator they won't work or will have a short life.

All modern cars and bikes are - earth. All post war European & Japanese are - earth. Post war British bikes are mainly +. Post war British cars mainly - earth.


LEDs shine brighter through a lens of the same colour, so if you want a LED for a rearlight choose a red one not white.


LED BA15s (1156) Spotlight bulbs


This is our Latest LED, a replacement for BA15s spotlight bulbs. Fitted to cars up til the mid 1950s. Also to pre-war car headlights that used mechanical dipping.

They draw very little current but produce as much light as a 50W tungsten filament bulb.

In 12V, they are suitable for both positive & negative earth systems, 6V negative earth only.

Pt.no. LDBA15Spot £18.90 each

This is the bulb they replace


Mk2 LED Stop/Tail Lightboards 6V/12V +/- earth

This is a new, brighter version of our original stop/tail Lightboard, first introduced in 2004.

This takes 16 red LEDS for the stop/tail light and 2 white 'Surface Mount' LEDs for the white numberplate light.

Installation is straightforward:

The lightboard is only 1 7/16" in diameter (38MM) and mounts on 2 pillars with 3MM female threads. Only 2 small holes need to be drilled in the rearlight to mount it. The original bulb can be refitted later if required. The existing contact is removed and the wiring exits as normal. Full fitting instructions are supplied with each unit.

The Mk.2 Lightboard can be fitted to either Positive or Negative earthed vehicles, 6V & 12V versions are available. Very low current draw, 0.0035A
6V Pt.no. LB6 12V Pt.no. LB12 £23.95 ea or £46.00 for 2 Made in England


Pattern L564 fitted with a Lightboard

Complete LED motorcycle tail light

6V/12V +/- earth

A Mk2 Lightboard supplied fitted inside a pattern Lucas L564 rearlight is available at £35.95.

Voltage Part Number
6V LB6564
12V LB12564


Stop/Tail bulb replacements

Most LEDs for car and motorbike use that you will see only feature rearward facing LEDs. These only give off light in one direction. The first of our LEDs shown below feature radially mounted white LEDs that give white numberplate light and also light up the whole of the lens surround. This is particularly important for most motorbikes and older cars such as MGBs, XK120s, Anglias etc that have rearlights not mounted flush with the bodywork.

BAY15d (1157). 15MM dia. bayonet Offset pin. Replace 21/5W & 23/8W etc.

12V Negative earth (See below for positive earth )


Dimension Description Price





26MM x 44MM 19 red LEDs facing rearward and 6 radially mounted white that give white numberplate lighting and / or light up the whole of the lens £9.95



Pt.No. LD24RST

26MM x 42MM 18 red LEDs facing rearward and 6 radially mounted red that light up the whole of the lens






Pt.no. LD24WST

26MM x 42MM 18 WHITE LEDs facing rearward and 6 radially mounted that light up the whole of the lens





Pt.no. LD9RST

19MM x 34MM 9 rearward facing red LEDs for use where space is limited. No numberplate light. £9.95


BAY15d (1157). 15MM dia. bayonet Offset pin. Replace 21/5W & 23/8W etc.

12V Positive earth


Dimension Description Price




(Shown in a holder)

26MM x 42MM

19 red LEDs facing rearward and 6 radially mounted whites that give numberplate lighting and light up the whole of the lens




NEW Individual Daytime Running Lights


These are our latest & brightest individual LEDs for cars or motorbikes.

They are intended for panel mounting using the 10MM x 24MM thread, or they can fitted into existing sidelights or headlights - but for maximum effect should be horizontal.

They consume only 1.5W. Can be used + or - earth

Outside dia. is 22MM and from the flat back to the front of the lens is only 11MM

They are sold in pairs

Pt.no. DRL01 £9.95 per pair



Very bright T10 10MM Capless (Wedge)

To be fitted as pilot lights inside the headlight reflector, Royal Enfield Caskette lights and car sidelights. Also Speedo lights


These can be used for + or - earth systems by simply rotating in the bulbholder



This is our latest LED for daytime riding/driving. Very bright. Can be used for positive or negative earth.

Ideal for fitting onto the headlight reflector instead of the pilot light. Also great for speedos 6V or 12V versions

10MM capless fitting 12MM max. OD

It can be supplied complete with a rubber holder to fit into 14 - 16MM dia. holes in the reflector though can be adapted for many other locations.

They consume only 1.5W

Pt.no. With holder LDT10DWH £6.50

Pt.no. With holder LDT10DWH6V £6.50

Pt.no. Without holder LDT10DW £4.00

Pt.no. Without holder LDT10DW6V £4.00


Now also available in yellow to make your bike even more visable in a sea of white lights. 12V only

Pt.no. With holder LDT10DYH £6.50

Pt.no. Without holder LDT10DY £4.00

The dia. at the groove in the holder is 14MM, max. OD 20MM



Very bright BA9s White Pilot light, Speedo light, instrument light LEDs

This is our new LED for motorcycle/car headlamp pilot lights. 6V & 12V versions. They have a special diffuser that shines light in all directions to light the headlamp bowl evenly much like a std. bulb.

31MM long x 12MM dia. They consume only 1.5W

Positive earth Pt.no. LDBA9DWpos £4.00 each. Please state 6V or 12V

Negative earth Pt.no. LDBA9DWneg £4.00 each. Please state 6V or 12V

Also great for speedo lights

These fit the HL13124 bulbholder as shown above £4.95 & the Chronometric speedo bulbholder SP131

Std. bulb drivers side


LDBA9SW 12V Negative earth, slightly shorter than the LDBA9DW where space is limited

29MM £4.00 each


Be careful when fitting these BA9s, it's easy to damage the locating pins by using excessive force.



Very bright BA15s White Sidelight LEDs


This is our new LED for motorcycle/car side lights. They are our brightest yet. They have a special diffuser that shines light in all directions to light evenly much like a std. bulb. These can be used with positive or negative earth systems.

They only consume 3.0 Watts. 42MM long x 18MM dia

Pt.no. LDBA15DW £7.25 each

Used in conjunction with a LD25RST stop/tail bulb, these will give over 20 hours continous use without noticeable dimming from a 5 AH battery


Orange & white Indicator/Sidelight LEDs

These have BAY15d offset pin double contact bayonets. 12V negative earth. They also work on 6V but not as brightly

When one contact is powered the LED will light white. When the other contact is powered the LED lights orange

If when the white light is showing the orange contact is powered, as for indicators, the white will go out so that the orange flashes alone giving maximum visibility. When the orange is no longer powered the white will again light.



£10.95 each

Bulbholders Pt.no. HL132001 £5.95 each


42MM long x 18MM dia


Shown here for size with standard stop/tail bulb

Now also in T15 (15MM) Capless format

Pt.no.LDINCAP £9.95

21MM dia. x 50MM overall length




LED Festoons


LED Festoon bulbs, white.


42MM point to point Pt.no.LDF42 £4.95


Smaller wide angle instrument/pilot & sidelight LEDs

Ideal for speedos & daytime running lights

Slightly smaller in dia. than the LDBA9s above, these can be used where space is a problem. Also available with MES10 fitting.

These 12V LEDs produce a bright light through a full180 degrees

This means that they give good lighting for dashboard instruments and can be used as daytime running lights.

Fitted inside a headlight as a pilot light they will light the reflector as bright as a 10W Quartz Halogen bulb.

They draw very little current, 0.030A and are guaranteed for life.

These are ideal as daytime riding lights for bikes where the pilot doesn't turn off when the headlight is switched on. Commandos, Tridents, some 750 Bonnies & most Japanese.
There are three types available, 12V only.

BA9s 9MM bayonet £5.95

11MM dia x 26MM

Pt.no.LD18BA9 12V

Suits + or- earth

MES 10MM Edison screw

Suits + or - earth

Pt.no. LD18MES £5.95

BA9s Bulbholder to suit above. These isolate the LED so can be wired + or - earth. They fit a14-16MM hole and suit the std. & pattern Lucas headlights.

BA9s Pt.no.HL13121 £2.95


Be careful when fitting these BA9s, it's easy to damage the locating pins by using excessive force.


Warning Light LEDs

Indicator warning light LED

The indicator warning LED gives a green light that can be seen in bright sunshine.

Mounting needs just one 6MM hole with holder, or 5MM without, or can be cable tied to the handlebars. Also fits inside the warning lights on the headlamp. The kit comes with everything needed to install + instructions, easy to install just 3 wires to connect

This can be used for conventional or LED indicators

12V negative or positive earth, please state which

Pt.no BIL01 £5.95 (Now slightly different to photo)

Made in England



These fit most motorcycle warning lights and replace the 12V 2W BA7s bulb.

They're brighter & available in Yellow Blue Green White & Red.

Pt. Nos. LDBA7 + the colour.

For indicators, one for each side are needed.

£3.00 each

Warning Lights to suit £4.95 each

Colour Part no.
Blue HL10152
Amber HL10153
Red HL10154
Green HL10155


Self contained LED warning lights


These LEDs come with molded in wiring and push into a 6MM dia. hole, the O.D. is 8MM

Can be connected to a Positive or negative earth system

Discrete but very visable when alight. £3.00 each

Amber Pt.no.LD300220

Red Pt.no. LD300221

Blue Pt.no. LD300222

Green Pt.no. LD300223 O/Stock


Bates style LED Rearlight

LED Tailight, styled as the 'Bates' Headlight

E marked

Approx. 55MM dia, 50MM deep

Black Pt.no. RL255130

Chrome Pt.no.RL255131


12V negative earth only



Vincent/Velocette style LED Rearlight


Miller pattern rearlight as fitted to Vincents & Velocettes supplied with 29 high output LEDs giving stop/tail & white numberplate light. Very bright.

Only available in 12V negative earth.

Pt.no. RLED255-057 £42.95

For 6V & 12V +VE see Lightboards at the top of the page

Mounting studs on the rear are M3, 30mm apart. Connections, Black - Negative, Yellow - Tail, Red - Stop


LED replacements for single contact bulbs

ie seperate stop and tail bulbs and indicators.

BA15s (1156). 15MM dia. bayonet. Paralell pin. Replace 5W,10W & 21W etc.

12V Negative earth


Application Dimension Description Price



Pt.no. LD24RS

Red Tail/Stoplight

26MM x 42MM

18 red LEDs facing rearward and 6 radially mounted red that light up the whole of the lens






Pt.no LD9WS



19MM x 34MM 9 forward facing LEDs. These replace 5W car sidelight bulbs but are about as bright as a 10W std. bulb £9.95






19MM x 34MM

9 rearward facing LEDs for use where space is limited £9.95


LED Indicator bulb replacements


Pt.no. 6V LDIND6V

Pt.no 12V LDIND12V

£7.25 ea or £25.00 for 4

Standard BA15s (1156) fitting


Shown above with a std. indicator bulb

42MM long x 18MM dia

They must be used with a LED compatible Flasher Unit

Pt.no. INDWRELED01 2 pin £12.95


LED indicators

12V only

Minature LED indicators. Only 40MM long. Can be wired for either positive or negative earth. Polished chrome finish, clear lens with amber leds.

Pt.no. INDLED13

£39.90 per pair


LED indicators. Can be wired for either positive or negative earth. Black finish, clear lens with amber leds. Long or short, long shown

Pt.no. INDLED18 - LONG


£21.95 per pair


Amber LED bulb replacement. This replaces the standard 12V 21W indicator bulb so can be fitted into the Lucas type and most car indicators but in 12V negative earth only. LEDACE24A £9.95 each

Pt.no. LD24A


12V Flasher units to suit LED indicators.

2 pin £12.95 Pt.no. INDWRELED01 2 pin

3 pin £12.95 Pt.no. INDWRLED02 3 pin

10W max. load so LEDs only. If you want one LED & one 21W bulb the INDWRE06 £4.95 will work

3 Pin wiring: B=Bulb, L= Live & E=Earth



Or, in most cases resistors can be wired in parallel with the LEDs to enable the std. flasher unit to be used. £2.50/pair. One pair is sufficient. Now smaller than shown.

Can also be used to fool a 'blown bulb' warning light

Pt.no. INDRES £2.50/pair.



If all four of your LED indicators flash together, you need one of these Tweakers

Easily wired inside the headlamp shell, takes 5 minutes.



6/12V negative earth only at the moment

Made in England




LED replacements for instrument bulbs


Volts Sizes Description Price

12V Negative earth only BA9s


Yellow, white, green, red, blue

Pt.no. LDINST + colour

12V white only

11MM x 25MM These replace the BA9s bulbs used for instrument and dashboard lighting. They feature a diffuser so the light shines in all directions.




The LEDs supplied may vary in appearence from the items shown on this page, but if different the performance will be as good or better than those shown.


As in many other areas, technology has overtaken law making, therefore some LEDs may not comply with all current legislation, European or US, particularly when fitted to more modern vehicles.


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