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This kit has been specially developed for BSA A/B series (Inc. Gold Star) models up to 1967. Not for unit singles

Comprising Eddie Dow style damper units in Dural and St./St. made on a CNC lathe then polished and assembled, multi-rate springs, fork bush and seal set, this kit provides everything needed to transform the front suspension.

Made in England

These damper units give full 2-way damping which reduce dive, pitch and wallowing, particularly at speed. The multi-rate springs combine to tighten up the handling and roadholding, as well as giving a more comfortable ride. New bushes and seals ensure that everything is working properly. For road & track.


Multi-rate fork springs alone 49.00 FMRS

Sprgs. 11" length, 1.84" (46MM) OD & 1.41" (36MM) ID

Upgrade kit 1

Consisting of Multi-rate fork springs and the damper rods £118.50 FSD1

Upgrade kit 2

Consisting of Multi-rate fork springs and the damper rods with domed nuts £124.50 FSD2

The Complete Overhaul & Upgrade Kit

As in the picture £172.50 FUOK001

With domed nuts £187.50 FUOK002


When fitting the multi-rate springs, the closer coils should be at the top. Less unsprung weight for 'the racers edge'


Damper Rods with plain topnuts £69.50 FDR1


Made in England

Damper Rods with dome topnuts £75.50 FDR2


The Topnuts are available plain as fitted by BSA or with St./St. dome nuts as per the Eddie Dow damper rods as shown here.


A pair of these rods were used by Rob Stokes on his racing Gold Star.

GSOC & CRMC 350 champ. 2001, 2002, 2007

GSOC & CRMC 500 champ. 2004, 2005, 2007

Damper rods should be used with SAE20 fork oil on the road, std. amount.


Carriage on springs £6.95, Damper rods £6.95, Springs and damper rods £9.95, Upgrade & Overhaul kit £13.95



Gold Star stanchions fully chromed with seals, & bushes machined to suit £156.00/set + £15.95 P&P Part. no. F42 5027

These also fit the A7/10s, B31/33s, early A65s etc. Overall length without the bottom bush 22.5"

(I know the top bush is fitted the wrong way round in the photo)

Made in England


Gold Stars Chrome fork seal holders Pt. no. F26216 £49.95

These also fit the A7/10s, B31/33s, early A65s etc.

Fork Oil Seals F26247 Pr. £6.50

Made in England


Now also available in St./St. F26216S

£110.00 per pair

Fork Oil Seals F26247 Pr. £6.50

Made in England




Top quality fork bush & seal kit.

You can buy cheaper and waste your time but these are the correct size & tolerance and providing that your stanchions are OK will make your forks work like new FPS147 £64.00

Fits A7/10, B31/33, G/Star, M20/21 etc & A65 up to 1967

Made in England



Full set of cups, cones & bearings all A/B/M group

A7/10, B31/33, G/Star, M20/21 etc & A65 up to 1967. F26344 £41.00





Hollow A10 type F27252SS £28.95 / pair

Solid type threaded 5/16 BSC (65-69 A65 B25 etc) FA65SS £34.80 / pair

A10 type drilled 3/8" central hole for Eddie Dow type damper rod F27252DH £29.95 /pair

Made in England



St./St washers to suit the fork top nuts above & the damper rods, slightly thicker than std. 1.5MM F27253

£4.95 / pr.

Made in England



Top yolk mounting bracket F29032 £14.50

'Tee' brackets F29034 £9.50 each

To fit Chronometric Speedo

These fit the A10/M21/B33 width yolks, but I've seen them used as a basis for clock mountings on a Norton cafe racer.



Click here for Girling pattern shocks



BSA A10 footrest rubbers £6.25/pr. Pt. no. FA10/27288

A10 Pillion footrest rubbers (not shown) £6.25 / pr.

Pt. no. FA10/71028

A10 Kickstart rubber £3.75

Part. no. FA10/71050

A10 gearchange rubber £3.75

Part. no. FA10/71006



BSA sump plate kit comprising a cast & machined aluminium housing, a magnetic sump plug, St./St. gauze strainer, gaskets & St./St. caphead screws & washers.

This is a very good addition to the lubrication system of the BSA twins using a magnet to attract microscopic ferrous particles that otherwise circulate in the oil causing wear.

This is made from a finned aluminium casting as the rough surface & the fins helps to cool the oil as it passes over.

The addition of a sump plug means that the oil can be easily & quickly drained after the bike has been left standing for some time & has drained into the sump

Also fits A50/A65s B25/44s & C15Gs

£39.95 A10SPK

The parts are available seperately:

Finned ally. sump plate A1061221 £27.95 Also fits A50/A65s B25/44s

St./St. sumplate filter for BSA A7/10, A50/65 A1097058 £9.50


A sump plate milled from solid is also now available A1061221B £35.95

This can be supplied with the filter, gaskets & St./St bolts & washers as above A10SPKB £47.95


BSA A7/A10 Air Filter

For swinging arm A7 & A10, this is a good quality pattern air filter assy. complete with element.

BSA no. 42-4582 A1090637




A7/A10 Rocker feed (Eddie Dow replica)

A7/A10 rocker feed, machined from solid aluminium. Based on the Eddie Dow RGS version of the 1960s A1027248B




A7/A10 Armoured Oil Feed Pipes


Armoured Oil Pipes as original A7/A10 BSA no. 428346/7 Good quality A1027551



BSA Numberplate Brackets

BSA Boxed Type Rear number plate with Reflector Provision. Fits A10 etc.

Supplied in Gloss black finish NP35045 £43.75


BSA Open Type rear number plate With Reflector Provision.

Supplied in Gloss black finish NP35048 £43.75


Universal Front numberplate NP35052



BSA A7/10 Engine sprockets

Teeth BSA Our
17 65-2537 SP61066
18T (A7std)




20T 65-2538 SP61069
21T (A10std) 67-1133 SP61023
22T 45-2774 SP61070
23T 65-2541 SP61024
24T 452775 SP61071
All priced at £24.95


BSA A7/10 S/Arm battery strap set


Complete battery strap set for the swinging arm BSA A7/A10.

This accommodates the original battery or the dummy battery case see Motorcycle Batteries & chargers

Hooks onto battery tray below A10/27567


Swinging arm A7/10 battery tray A10/61056



Pillion footrests


Swinging arm pillion footrests (pr.)

Very similar to Swinging arm A7/A10

These have a long 3/8" dia. mounting so can be used on many other models A10/70004



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