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Many of these parts are suitable for older cars

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Add £3.95 carriage up to £15. £15 - £25 add £4.95,

£25.00 - £50.00 add £5.95, £50.00 - £100.00 add

£8.95, Over £100.00 add £12.95

If in doubt E mail for a price

Bulky & difficult to pack items such as headlights & lenses add £1.00

Overseas bulb & LED orders add £2.00. Anything else E mail for carriage costs.



700 Series

British Pre-Focus 1950s/60s



With a pilot bulb holder but without bulbs these cost £39.95

Now available without pilot bulb/holder HL11051 £39.95


Supplied with bulb holders and Quartz Halogen pilot and headlight bulbs in 6V 25/25W, 35/35W


12V 35/35W, 45/40W or 60/55W £54.95

(Parts bought seperately £58.35) HLBPFOFF & state which headlight bulb you require




P43t H4 1970s on




LHD for Europe/USA HLUC384

These have the same domed glass as the British Pre-Focus above but with a different pattern & take the current P43t H4 headlamp bulbs & give a much better beam pattern.

All our H4 h/lamps are 'E' marked and left hand drive or right hand drive

With pilot & headlamp bulb holders these cost £39.95 bare.


Supplied with bulb holders and Quartz Halogen pilot and headlight bulbs in 12V 35/35W, white or yellow 60/55W HLUC12VOFF & state which headlight bulb you require





We now have 6V 35/35W QH H4 Headlamp bulbs so can supply the complete lens/reflector/QH bulbs in 6V for £54.95




All our H4 headlights can now be supplied with our 'Daylighter' 12V LED bulb. H4LEDLUC £67.95

For more information on LED headlights click here



The light is 'whiter' & brighter than a Std. H4 bulb, but more importantly, the beam pattern is correct.

The LEDs are in the same position as the filaments on a std. H4. This ensures a good beam pattern & is often not the case. I have tested many H4 LEDs but have waited until I found a good one before I started selling them. There are plenty of duds out there.

In Lucas & Wipac motorcycle headlights the dip beam is just the same & on main beam it is wider & brighter.

If we say that the light output of a normal H4 is 60/55W, then these are about 70/60, but they only draw 25W from your bikes power supply not 60W

On a total loss system you will still get a good light until the battery is almost dead.




Shallow Wipac 7.0" H4 headlight


These are the same diameter as the Lucas headlights above but the reflector is 12MM shallower so are easier to fit into Lucas flat backed headlamp shells & bikes with the speedo in the headlight. I use one in my A10, the bulbholder on the Lucas headlamp fowls the speedo cable.

They also allow more room for the heatsink on some LED H4 bulbs

All our H4 headamps are 'E' marked and left hand drive or right hand drive HLW4700 £34.95

Also available with no pilot light HLW4696 £34.95

LHD for Europe/USA HLW4701 £34.95

SPECIAL OFFERS with bulbs 1 2 & 3 as Lucas but £5.00 less


All the 7.0" H4 headlights above fit into a rim opening of 169 MM dia. & come with pilot bulbholders where applicable.

If the Wipac unit is laid face down & a steel rule is laid across where the bulb locates, the dimension between where the headlight locates into the rim & the rule is 59MM, the dome of the glass is 20MM.

Wipac H4
Lucas H4

3 pin socket to suit available seperately HL13125 £2.95

Socket connections: Blue is earth, white dip & black main


6 1/2" H4 headlight


This is a 6 1/2" H4 replacement headlight as used on many Jap bikes in the 70s. Also the 6 1/2" Miller fitted to Series C Vincents & Velos allowing the fitting of H4 headlamp bulbs including the LED Daylighter.

The glass is seperate, sealed by a rubber gasket & held in place by the 'W' clips, so your old glass can be used if required. Comes with the H4 socket & pilot bulb/holder HL375537 £34.95

SPECIAL OFFER 6 1/2" Headlamp + Daylighter H4 LED4K4K + bulbholders £64.95
SPECIAL OFFER 6 1/2" Headlamp + Daylighter H4 LED4K5K + bulbholders £71.95


5 3/4" H4 headlight


With bulb holders HLUB107 20.00

LHD for Europe HLUB106 £20.00

Supplied fitted with the a QH pilot light bulb and 12V 60/55W H4 Quartz Halogen bulb £30.00 HLUBH4

This gives the brightest light & best beam pattern available in this size headlight

The section that protrudes through the rim measures 5.0"

From the front edge of the lens where it rests against the rim to the back of the blue socket is 3.25"
5 3/4" headlamps were fitted to Triumph Adventurers, Trail Blazers, 250 Trophies, Sports & Trials Cubs, BSA Firebird Scramblers, Commando Hi Rider & many lightweights.
All our H4 headlamps are 'E' marked and left hand drive or right hand drive


Lucas & Miller pattern British Pre-Focus headlights

Pattern Lucas

8 inch glass/reflector.

Cats-eye pattern C/W pilot bulb holder HL11054 Fits Series 'B' Vincents £34.95

Special offer. With Quartz Halogen bulbs + all holders £50.00 (normally £57.85)

Pattern Lucas OUT OF STOCK

6 1/2"in. glass/reflector.

Catseye pattern C/W pilot bulb holder. HL50193 Fits Series 'C' Vincents £22.95

Special offer. With Quartz Halogen bulbs + all holders £39.50 (normally £44.85)

The section that protrudes through the rim measures 7 3/8". From the back of the bulbholder to the edge of the glass is approx. 95MM
Both headlights above look like & replace the earlier Bayonet Cap bulb headlights


The section that protrudes through the rim measures 6.0"

As used on MU42

Pattern Lucas


5 3/4" glass/reflector.

C/W pilot bulb holder. Tiger Cub, C15 etc. HL10160 £22.95

Special offer. With Quartz Halogen bulbs + all holders £37.00 (normally £42.85)

Pattern Miller (Lousy photo, the colour is the same as the Lucas to the left)

5 3/4" glass/reflector.

Diamond pattern.

C/W pilot bulb holder. HL10160M £24.95

Special offer. With Quartz Halogen bulbs + all holders £43.00 (normally £46.85)

The section that protrudes through the rim measures 5.0"


For Quartz halogen bulbs to suit, visit the bulbs page



ALL £42.95


Ammeter top hole & single lower hole


Plain top with 3 lower holes

Lucas 5411506

3 Lights, 1 switch 1 lower hole

Lucas 5452665

Ammeter top hole , 2 lights, 1 switch

Lucas 54523508


Flat back with switch & warning light holes



Flat back plain HL10156PL



Plain top with 1 lower hole HL50208L

Lucas 5411506UB


Plain top with 1 lower hole HL50207L

  Grommet to suit flatback shells £6.95

Genuine Lucas 7" chrome shell & rim. 3 warning lights & 1 switch - 3 grommet holes.


All the 7.0" shells measure 3.25" from the centre of the bolt holes to the back of the dome





Lucas plain shells in all chrome HL50205 £42 .95


Black with chrome rim HL50206 £42.95

Can also be supplied assembled as a complete headlamp

with lens/reflector, clips, bulbholders, wiring grommet & St./St. bolts + Quartz Halogen head & pilot bulbs in 6V or 12V British Pre Focus or H4 types for £85.00

Pt.nos. HL50205C chrome or HL50206B black.

Please tell me if you want H4 or BPF + type of bike & if 6V or 12V

5 3/4" headlamps were fitted to Triumph Adventurers, Trail Blazers, 250 Trophies, Sports & Trials Cubs, BSA Firebird Scramblers, Commando Hi Rider and more.

The shells have 5/16" UNF side mounting holes & lower grommet hole.

St./St. Mounting bolts 1 1/4" long £1.00 each HLB516

No shells with holes for warning lights or switches are available.




7.0 inch Lucas rim £14.95

5 3/4" Lucas rim HL19018 £14.95

Pattern rims, see below


Lucas pattern 5 3/4" rim. These are exacty the same as the Lucas rim, without the Lucas name on the bottom & the pretty Lucas box. HL19018R £9.95 While stocks last


Lucas pattern 5 3/4" rim HL19018R £9.95

5 3/4" Genuine Lucas rim HL19018 £14.95

Genuine Lucas 7" rim £14.95 HL19015

6 1/2"Lucas patt. £14.25 As used on MU42 HL50111

I.D. at the front 151MM. the back 163MM. Depth 29MM

8" Lucas pattern £12.95 HL19022 O/Stock





Tomaselli style chrome plated brackets, plated screws & Nyloc nuts with rubber sleeves, fits Stanchions 35/36MM dia. (Norton) etc.

£24.95 per pair HLBHCHB




Headlight rim clip & screw. HL19016 £2.95 each


Chrome handlebar clip Holds the cables neatly against the bars CL83099


Headlight 'W'clips Pack of 10

Pt. No. HL375000



Wiring Grommets to suit headlight shells. These suit holes approx. 1 1/2" in dia. HL10159 £3.25



British Pre-Focus headlight bayonet cap.

Most British bikes from the late 1940s till the mid 70s. £5.95


British Pre-Focus headlight bayonet cap

Made on new 2019 tooling, much the same as the above but a bit prettier & with Lucas packaging HL13120L £11.75


H4 headlamp bulb socket. pushes onto the back of P43t & P45t headlight bulbs.

Most cars & bikes from late1970s onwards, also fits many 3 pin flasher units.

Socket connections: Blue is earth, white dip & black main

If the body of the socket is grey in colour, then Black is earth HL13125 £2.95 each



Genuine Lucas claw type BA9s pilot bulb holder. Fits into 16MM dia. hole HL13124 £8.95


Cheaper pilot bulb holder BA9s type with a rubber grommet fixing. Fits into 15MM dia. hole HL13121 £2.95


Rubber pilot bulbholder, fits into 13MM hole. Accepts capless bulbs in 6V/12V or LED T10 capless which can be used in 12V positive or negative earth. £2.95



Rubber pilot bulbholder, fits into 11MM hole. Accepts capless bulbs in 6V/12V or LED T10 capless which can be used in 12V positive or negative earth. £3.95



BA9s Bulbholder for chronometric speedos. Screws onto male thread on speedo.

New better quality version, old photo SP13119



BA15d bayonet cap. Parallel pins (for headlamp) 17MM diameter £5.95

BAY15d Offset pins (for stop/tail) £5.95.

BA15s bayonet cap single contact HL132003 £5.95 (for pilot or spotlight)



Genuine Lucas warning lights

Supplied with bulbs 6V or 12V

Colour Part no.
Blue HL10152
Amber HL10153
Red HL10154
Green HL10155
Idiot lights to suit shells above
£5.50 each.
1/2" mounting hole required.



Chrome plated cast aluminium housing with a traditional Lucas 564 style rear light. Looks great on Cafe racers and customs. Now comes with a black rubber mounting gasket. I fitted one of these to my Thunderbird Sport. RL19034 42.95

Also available in natural aluminium finish. £42.95

Pt. no. RL364599

Here's one modified to fit a Commando



This compact rearlight has a chrome plated cast aluminium housing and features the smaller L525 rearlight. Very neat. Comes with fixing screws numberplate bracket and rubber mounting gasket. Top quality, E marked. £39.95




Bullet rearlights can be mounted at any angle making them particularly suitable for short mudguards where an ordinary rearlight points upwards.

Great for cafe racers & customs

Can be fitted with LEDs or QH replacement bulbs.

Dia. of the lens is 49MM

£19.95 RL255982


Now also in black

£19.95 RL255983



This is a genuine Lucas L564 tailight complete with bulb. Lucas LU53454 £34.95

It is marked 'LUCAS L564' & 'ENGLAND' Also BS numbers etc.

These use a long captive stud & slotted sleevenut to locate the lens as per the originals, not the long fiddly screw & (poor) captive nut of the pattern versions.

These are as fitted to many British bikes 1955 - 1969

Our RL19036L

These can be supplied fitted with 6V or 12V bulbs, or LEDs (ask for details of LEDs)


Spare Lenses RL19037L £14.25

Note: These lenses also fit the pattern L564 rearlamp with its own screws


Replacement plated lens screws are available RL19036S

£8.95 per pair.

NB these screws have a different thread from the Lucas L564s from the 1960s

Back marked LUCAS ENGLAND & correct sized connection bullets
Inside, showing anti-vibration rubber mounted bulbholder, earth connection & rubber seal



Lucas pattern L525 1953 - 1955 or so. 6V or 12V RL19033 £11.95

Base size 110 x 50 x 50MM deep though looks smaller as the lens tapers

Spare lens RL19035 £5.95



Lucas pattern L564. Many British bikes 1955 - 1969 6V or 12V RL19036

Base size 110 x 55 x 50MM deep £8.50


Spare lens RL19037 £4.50


Miller pattern 38ET tail lamp 6V or 12V RL19236 £14.95

Fitted to Velocettes 1950 - 1967

All rear lights come with a 6 or 12V bulb as requested




This is a top quality copy of the Wipac rearlight fitted to all Bantams D7 on, AMC Lightweights & the C10L. Sometimes known as the Sabrina rearlight after the 1950s actress Norma Jean Sykes

These are not cheap, but you get what you pay for, & these are accurate looking reproductions made on new tooling.

Come with a 6V stop/tail bulb as std. 12V on request.

Pt.No. RL19302 £21.95





This is a reproduction of the Lucas L529 rearlight as fitted to some Bantams, AJS 350/500, Ariel 350, Enfield 250, Velocette, early Triumph T20 Tiger Cubs/Terriers and Vincent Black Prince & Knights.

This is a top quality product, not to be confused with the very poor (& sometimes expensive) versions previously available.

Comes with 6V bulb as std, fitted with 12V on request. RL19041 £22.95

Spare lens RL19304 £6.95

Lightweights often only had a single filament tail bulb, and these are catered for. RL19040 £21.95





body dia. 30MM Front depth 45MM, rear depth 40MM , mtg. hole dia 45MM RL19234


LUCAS PATTERN MT110 (AKA MT480) Body dia. 45MM Front depth 50MM, rear depth 45MM, mtg. hole dia 45MM RL19301





Dia.67MM Depth 45MM RL19233 £19.95



WIPAC S446 PATTERN REARLAMP Dia.55MM Depth 37MM £16.95

Spare lens

£6.00 ea.






Max. O.D.61MM




Spare lens RL10087 £8.95




Spare lens RL19043 £6.95






Here we have a polished Stainless Steel rear numberplate. It is just big enough for six of the correct size numbers/letters. It incorporates a mounting for the Wipac S446 rearlight. It can also be used as a mount for a larger numberplate. NP1 £6.50 With Rearlight NPRL £24.45




Miller pattern rearlight as fitted to Vincents & Velocettes supplied with 29 high output LEDs giving stop/tail & numberplate light. Very bright. E marked.

Only available in 12V negative earth. RLED255-057 £42.95

For 6V & 12V +VE LED Lightboads to fit into std. Miller rearlights click here

Mounting studs on the rear are M3, 30mm apart & they do not have the rear mounting plate like the original Vincent rear lamp. Connections, Black - Negative, Yellow - Tail, Red - Stop


LED Tail light, styled as the 'Bates' Headlight. E marked

Approx. 55MM dia, 50MM deep



12V negative earth only




Genuine Lucas PLC5 ignition and lighting switch. As fitted to many motorcycles from 1930's to 1950's, including :- Enfield 500cc twins, Sunbeam S7,S8 500cc models and all Triumph models (1939). SW10137


Genuine Lucas PLC6 ignition/switch. OFF-SIDE-HEAD, requires 53mm diameter hole and secures in place with clip. Screw type wire connections, and supplied with 2 keys SW10136


Lucas pattern

U39 31340 For 1 3/4" dia. mounting

Pt. no. SW10114


Lucas pattern

U39 31315 with large knob

Pt. no. SW10115 £23.95

Rear of SW10114 above

Genuine Lucas 88SA 34427B

Pt. no.SW10117


Socket to suit above SW19223 £15.95

Genuine Lucas 88SA 34289A

Pt. no.SW10118


Socket to suit above SW19224 £17.95


Lucas pattern 41SA 31784 S/Arm BSA A10 etc.

Requires 5/8" Dia. hole with 2 flats SW10120 £28.70 With chrome bezel as shown SW10120/1 £34.65

Chrome bezel seperately £5.95

Genuine Lucas Master Cylinder Hydraulic Brake Light Switch. T140,TR7,T150,T160 (1979-) and Norton Commando disc brake models. SW11032 £9.95

Wipac pattern SO782 Ignition switch Bantam etc. SW11037



Wipac pattern SO781 Lighting switch Bantam etc. SW11036


Genuine Lucas ignition switch £19.95

With key & lock £27.95


Atlas, early Commando



Miller pattern 3 position Headlight switch. These require a 2.0" mounting hole.

Diameter including bezel 2 3/16" (56mm) Number of terminals : 6 SW11060


Genuine Lucas PRS8 ignition/lighting switch.

As fitted to many Triumph,BSA and Norton models, including Triumph 3TA,5TA,Pre Units. Supplied with keys. SW10133L £94.95

Genuine Lucas ign/lighting switch, as fitted to Commandos etc. SW10164L £37.95

With key & lock £47.90

Lock and key SW10145 £9.50

Replica Lucas 35351 Ignition/Lighting switch ( lock and keys)

BSA B25,B50,A65,A75 (1971-) Triumph T120,T140 (1971-) SW10131 £24.95

Genuine Lucas Kill Switch SS5 (31071). Triumph T20 (1964), 6T,T110,T100 (1959-62), T100A,3TA,5TA (1958-63), TR6C,T120TT (1966-67), T100C(1966-67) SW10116 £9.95

Genuine Lucas 6RA Horn Relay 33188. Normally Open Contacts. T140,T150,T160 & BSA R3 A65 models.

5 Terminal 12V 20A SW 10119 £21.95

Lock and key for SW10163L & SW10164 SW10145


Genuine Lucas

3 Position Toggle Switch 57SA 31788 SW10122L

2 Position toggle switch 57SA 31780. 850 Commando etc. SW10113L

Both switches £16.95




Compact Multipurpose handlebar switch No. 1

Just over 1 1/8"" wide (30MM)

Clamps around the standard 7/8" handlebar

Headlight: Dip, Main


Horn. £37.95

Click here for wiring details

This switch is ideal when adding indicators to a classic bike, needing no wiring changes to the light switch, only removal of the existing dip switch/horn button and wiring in the indicators. Existing levers can be used.


Right handlebar switch No. 2

Matching right hand switch:

Just over 1 1/8" wide (30MM)

Engine run/off

Lights on/off

Electric start or flasher.

£37.95 SW694605






Indicator switch 3

3 position indicator switch is for handlebar mounting and features a 'centre-off' position. Simple & reliable. £9.95 IND694997


Indicator switch 4

Switch similar to the one above but with a more substantial clamp arrangement

£15.95 SW15434




Chrome handle-bar button earths the connecting lead and can be used for horns or magneto cut-outs. Lucas pattern SW16006 11.95 for 7/8" bars SW76204 £11.95 for 1.0" bars

Horn button  

Classic handle-bar button earths the connecting lead and can be used for horns or magneto cut-outs.

Black SW694995 £7.95

Red SWK522 £7.95


Universal dipswitch. Can also be used as an on/off switch. £9.95 SWD008


Universal dipswitch/Hornbutton .£11.95 SWD009


Lucas pattern dipswitch/horn button £21.95 SW19231


Lucas pattern dipswitch/horn button

Similar to above but screws to the back of one of the levers or handlebars SW19239 £19.95


Miller pattern dipswitch/horn button £19.95

Pt. no. SW86004


Wipac Ducon pattern S3857 dipswitch/hornbutton £19.95 SW10128


Wipac Tricon pattern S3858 dipswitch/hornbutton/killswitch £19.95 SW10129


Lucas Pattern dipswitch Lucas no. 31549 Gold Star, P/Unit Triumph, Sunbeam S7/8 SW19232

£16.95 Out of stock



Panel mounting brakelight switch as fitted to Commando, 750 Bonnie, B44 etc. £9.95


Wipac S2370 pattern brakelight switch as fitted to Bantams & AMC lightweights £22.95




Panel mounting brakelight switch as fitted to BSA A10, A65 & T120 etc.


Can be mounted on the chainguard. Also suits Series D Vincent front brake SW11042 £14.95


Miller pattern 43E brakelight switch £9.95


Classic style brakelight switch can be used on just about any drum brake rear wheel. SW11043 8.95

Fitted to 5T, 6T, T110 & T120



Red reflector 2" overall diameter with the reflector measuring 11/2"

Rear mounted 5MM stud fixing, c/w nut. RL19102P



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