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Petrol taps for bikes with BSP threads

New guaranteed Ethanol proof version. Teflon (PTFE) seals fitted.

These are a top quality product, CNC machined and Nickle plated like the originals. They look better than in the lousy photograph.

1/4 x 1/4 BSP Push-on, Push-off with nut spigot. PT73066N

1/8 x 1/4 BSP Push-on, Push-off with nut spigot. PT73068N

£26.95 each

New guaranteed Ethanol proof version. Viton seals fitted.

1/4 x 1/4 BSP Flat lever, Chrome plated

Pt. no. PT73091 Main Pt. no.PT73092 Reserve £9.95

With Main/Reserve indicator plate as Mk111 Commando

PT73095 Main PT73096 Reserve £10.95

NB. If ordering one tap, the Reserve tap is the one that empties the tank

New guaranteed Ethanol proof version. Teflon (PTFE) seals fitted.

Nickel plated with St./St. strainer.

1/4 x 1/4 BSP brass lever. Pt. no. PT73084N

1/8 x 7/16 BSP brass lever. Pt. no. PT73082N

1/8 x 1/4 BSP brass lever. Pt. no. PT73083N


Pull-on, Push-off 1/4 BSP Brass

Supplied with 3/8 x 1/4 BSP reducing bush. Output threads 7/16" dia. £34.50

Cork seals fitted, easy/cheap to change. While stocks last.

1/8 BSP is 0.383" dia. (10 MM approx.) 28TPI

1/4 BSP is 0.518" dia. (13 MM approx.) 19TPI

3/8 BSP is 0.656"dia. (17MM approx.) 19TPI

Petrol Tap Filters

These are as fitted to the lever taps above.

50MM long with a 1/8BSP male thread on the bottom

Pt. No. PT745014 I.D. 6.9MM O.D. Overall O.D. 10MM Length 51MM

£2.95 each.

The chrome plated lever taps above are best fitted using PTFE thread sealing tape 95P per reel. PTFE

These taps have a running nut so can be locked in any position, but if only a sealing washer is used the petrol will run down the threads inside the washer & nut & leak out. This can look like a leaking tap. Be warned.

Also useful for sealing chaincase screws.



Pull-on push off twist to lock replacement plungers with corks, chrome plated. These will also fit taps that originally didn't have twist to lock plungers.

Length of the shaft excluding the Knob, 24MM Dia of the shaft 8.5MM with the cork a little larger. PT73104 £8.95 ea.

Replacement corks for pull-on push off taps. As fitted to tap plungers above. These fit the above and many original taps. These are 0.40" dia. x 0.40" long £1.00 ea.

Replacement corks for pull-on push off taps. These many original taps.

These are 0.575" dia x 0.25" thick £1.00 ea.

Petrol tap adapter 3/8 x 1/4 BSP. Now plated. PT73119 £2.95 each

Petrol tap adapter 1/4 x 1/8 BSP. Now plated. PT73118 £2.50 each

1/4" x 1/4 BSP nut & hosetail £3.95

Pt. no. PT73022/7

Hosetail available seperately PT73027 £1.95

1/4" x 1/4 BSP nut & hosetail elbow £5.95

Pt. no. PT73051/1

1/4" x 1/4" Tee piece plated

Pt. no. PT73057


'Dowty' washers. Composite washers with a seal on the inside. Sized to fit a 1/4 BSP thread. DW1 0.50P ea.

Not suitable for taps with a running nut, inc. our flat lever taps. Use PTFE tape here

Petrol tap washers 3/8 BSP pack of 10 PT73117 £2.00 each

Petrol tap washers 1/4 BSP pack of 10 PT73116 £2.00 each

Filters for 1/4" (6MM) petrol hose approx. 1" dia. FFTCL £2.95 each

Plated brass ferrules for 1/4" bore 'rubber' petrol line.

13MM I.D.

Pt. no. PT73021

£1.00 ea

Available in 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" bore, this hose is suitable for petrol or hot engine oil at up to 16.5 bar. Sold in 1.0 Metre lengths. Proof against ethanol

1/4" £4.00

5/16" OILH516 £4.50

3/8" OILH038 Not suitable for petrol £5.00

St./St. Jubilee type hose clips in sizes to suit

1/4" jubilee type clips to suit OILJUB014 £1.00ea.

5/16" jubilee type clips to suit OILJUB516 £1.00 ea.

3/8" jubilee type clips to suit OILJUB038 £1.00 ea

St./St 'O' clips in sizes to suit. These can be crimped with the proper tool, in the vice or using a pair of cutters.

1/4" O clips £1.00ea.

5/16" O clips £1.00 ea

3/8" O clips £1.00 ea

Petrol tank & oil tank caps

2 1/2" Std Chrome cap Imported PTC72025 £12.95

British made PTC72026 £18.50

2.0" Chrome cap with vent PTC72025 £24.95

Flip up chrome cap BSA/Triumph/Norton PTC72030 £54.00

2 1/2" Locking Standard cap with keys PTC72032 £59.90

2" Monza alloy flip up cap £49.00

21/2" Monza alloy flip up cap £49.00

2 1/2" Norton cap with 'N'Logo PTC72036 £37.95

2 1/2" Chrome hinged wing-nut cap PTC72037 £38.00

3.0" Chrome hinged wing-nut cap PTC72038 £37.95

AJS/Matchless 'Pie Crust' cap PTC72039 £39.95

Alloy hinged wing-nut cap BSA/Enfield PTC72040 £37.95

2 1/2" cork tank washer PTC72060 £1.25

2" cork tank washer PTC72061 £1.25

For the tank builder 2 1/2" fuel tank neck PTC72062 £7.95

Chrome oil tank cap AJS/Matchless OTC61222 £16.50


Chaincase/oil tank cap BSA A&B group OTC76005 £7.50

Oil tank cap BSA OTC76011 £7.50

Oil filler cap dipstick B25/50 OTC72035 £22.95


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