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All classic bike owners have heard of Boyer Bransden. This company revolutionised classic bike ignition systems in the 1970s and have remained a major supplier with similar products ever since.

In 2005 a new company was launched, Pazon ignition systems, formed from part of the managemant and technical team of Boyer Bransden. They are now supplying an advanced, reliable ignition system for classics.

The Pazon Sure Fire is an improved, upgraded system similar in concept to the standard Boyer Mk111.

There are versions available for Triumph, Norton and BSA twins and singles. Also the Series 2 Interceptor

Pazon moved their operation to New Zealand in April 2007. All Pazon parts shown on this page are always available from our stock.

Pazon Sure Fire

The Pazon Sure Fire system has several advantages over the Boyer unit.

It will start the bike even if the battery Voltage is low, down to 8 Volts. The Boyer unit goes full advance at anything under 10 Volts resulting in spitting through the carb or violently kicking back.

Very useful on a Mk3 Commando preventing backfiring destroying the sprag clutch drive from the starter motor.

The same kit is suitable for singles & twins.


There is a proper terminal block on the stator plate, not loose flying leads that are prone to internal fracture. A common failure on Commandos fitted with a Boyer, as the engine moving backwards and forwards eventually breaks the copper wires inside the insulation resulting in misfiring and breakdown.

There are degree marks around the stator plate making accurate adjustments easier.

Starting is easier and running smoother. The advance curve is more progressive and is consistant from unit to unit. It draws around 2.0 Amps.

The stator plate is printed on both sides making installation easier.

The amplifier box is smaller and easier to mount.

Full instructions are supplied and it is easy to fit and time.

There is a 7 1/2 year warranty!

It is even protected against wrong installation, connecting positive to negative.

Pt.no.PZSUF01 £160.95 each + £8.95 P&P

For twins it is best to use 2 x 6V coils or 1 x 12V twin output coil

Pazon Surefire + one 12V Genuine Lucas coil Pt.no. PZSUFC01 £98.90 + £9.95 P&P

Pazon Surefire + twin output coil 12V Pt.no. PZSUFC02 £210.90 + £9.95 P&P

Pazon Surefire + 2 x 6V Genuine Lucas coils Pt.no. PZSUFC03 £236.85 + £9.95 P&P

For the special builders, the stator plate is 68MM dia and the pick up coils on top are approx. 12 x 12 x 12MM


Fault Finding

The Surefire ignition is very reliable, but if you have problems click here This takes you to a Fault Finding page



Magneto Replacement Body

This magneto replacement body, features 2 x sealed bearings, is machined from solid billet aluminium and is designed to replace the K1F / K2F and KVF type magnetos.

It can be fitted with electronic ignition systems such as the Lucas Rita, Wassell, Boyer or the more modern Pazon Surefire systems.

£185.00 + £6.95 P&P

Pt.no. MB61489

Made in England


The Pazon has electronic advance/retard removing the need for a mechanical A/R unit, so if you have one the mechanism has to be tack welded shut or replaced with a fixed pinion from an engine with manual A/R.

If replacing a distributer, a drive pinion from a manual mag. system will be needed.

The mounting bolt holes are 2 3/4" (70MM) apart.


THE COMPLETE KIT to replace a magneto with Pazon Surefire ign.

Comprises Pazon Surefire, magneto replacement, ignition coil.

Pt.no PZSURCK01 singles £413.90 + £12.95 P&P

PZSURCK02 Twins £411.90 + £12.95 P&P

Lucas pattern ignition key switch to suit Pt.no. SW10163/1 £29.95




See here for test & repair service for Lucas Rita ign. systems

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