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There was an amendment to the MOT regs. Jan. 2021 that stated the Halogen headlights should not be fitted with LEDs, & this would be a MOT failure. Some people, including journalists, mistakenly read this as 'No LEDs can be fitted".

Thankfully there has been an update which I've copied below that basically states that Motorcycles should not be failed for fitting LEDs or HIDs providing they were made before 1986. So any old British bike can be ridden quite legally with LED headlight bulbs fitted & won't fail the MOT because of it. There has never been any problem with LED pilot & stop/tail lights etc.

Headlight parts fitted to vehicles made after that date had to be Type Approved & CE marked. By now many bikes will have non compliant reflectors/bulbs & nobody cares, so just change the LED headlight bulb for the MOT.

Having a LED headlamp bulb fitted to a post 1986 bike is not an offence & you cannot be prosecuted for it any more than you could for a split fork gaitor or a cracked rear light lens, both MOT failures.


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