Cyclon Instructions



Cyclone Batteries

For 6V, one or two cells can be used in parallel.

Connect the two positive terminals together and the two negative terminals together

Ensure that the fuse is in the correct live side for your bike.

For 12V, the cells have to be connected in series. Connect the + of one cell to the - of the other. Join the fuse to the + or - terminal remaining as required. The last terminal is earth.

Never connect positive to negative and positive to negative.

Always use a fuse in the live side of the circuit. Remove the fuse if the bike is to be left for long periods, this prevents discharge through a 'leaky' Voltage regulator

The batteries are supplied charged, no further charging before use is required. These batteries should last many months without charging as long as they are fully charged when left.

Use only an automatic Optimate type 'Maintenance charger' to charge Cyclons to prevent overcharging. Completely discharging by 'leaving the lights on' will invalidate the warranty.

These cells are not suitable for any 6 or 12V system that is not Voltage regulated. Explosions may occur. If in doubt ask.




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