Triumph service tools

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Clutch centre puller TR25 unit singles T61523



Clutch Centre Puller Pre unit & unit twins. T61507



Clutch Centre Puller T150/T160 T61522





Clutch spring adjuster T61508



Clutch spring adjuster Tee handle in St./St. T61513



Taper tool to fit the timing cover over the points oil seal. Unit twins, pre 1968 with BSF threads in camshaft T61514



Taper tool to fit the timing cover over the points oil seal. Unit twins, post 1968 with UNF threads in camshaft T61515



Wheel bearing lockring peg spanner. St./St. T61506




Tappet block drift T61518





TDC crankshaft locking tool for late twins with hex head cylinder head bolts.

Pt./no. T61521





Camshaft pinion removal & fitting set T61519



Cylinder head torque setting tool for late 650/750 twins fitted with hexagonal head cylinder head bolts. T61517



Rocker cap removal tool for unit twins with cross head caps T61509



Rocker/Chaincase cap remover double sided slotted head St./St. T61525



Rocker/Chaincase cap remover St./St. T61526



Rocker/Chaincase cap remover 1/2" drive T61520



Crankshaft timing pinion extractor

All twins T61526




Crankshaft timing pinion puller with late unit twinswith no extractrt threads, internal spline. T61528



Crankshaft timing pinion puller for C series twins T61529



Fork oil seal holder removal tool 1964 - 1970 models Removeable handles for easy storage 61533



Box spanner for 4 speed gearbox sprocket nut T61124



Box spanner for 5speed gearbox sprocket nut T61125



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